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... left leg was numb for a couple weeks but slowly got better. No issues with right leg at all. I am almost 6 months out from surgery now. I have pretty significant pain in my left knee, usually when I'm sitting, laying down, and standing still. If I'm moving around, the pain goes away and it isn't a problem. ... (2 replies)
... (7 replies)
... rgery , from knee to sock line felt like leg was on fire, skin was hyper sensitive on left side of leg, on right, still have residual numbness I am still having nerve pain in all the same areas but not as bad since I am on gabapentin 900mg 3x a day and Cymbalta TA 20 2x's a day. ... (7 replies)

... i decided to see a chiropractor, had xrays done which showed narrowing at l5 s1 in my spine. My chiropractor doesn't thinks its anything to do with my hamstring pain but just wondered if any1 thought differently. I get nerve pains in the bottom of my feet occupationally and also knee pain on the same leg. i. ... (1 replies)
... However the day after the operation I noticed a strange pain to the left of the surgical site in my lower back. This pain is like a hollow feeling, I cant really describe it but its deeply uncomfortable. It would increase dramatically the further I walked. ... (8 replies)
... Today while driving I suddenly got some very quick, sharp, stabbing pains in my front knee area. If you look at the kneecap, it was located a little left of the center of the knee cap and started about 2" above it. ... (5 replies)
... I have had mild back pain for many years but not bad enough to stop me from doing the things that I wanted and needed to do. ... (9 replies)
... As for bowel movements, it must be the pain meds that you are taking. I am not on them so no problems. ... (30 replies)
... Since my surgery in '06 I did pretty well for 6 months after, except I felt a pressure type pain deep in my outer hip areas after walking for a couple hours. I did tell my surgeon about it and I also had my hips MRI'd by a hip specialist in the same group. ... (15 replies)
... So pain....I had no nerve pain for a long time post op, I'd guess about 6 weeks ago I started getting the zingers down my sciatic but not below the knee. ... (7 replies)
... until you posted that I was hell bent on the fact my pain is sciatica due to 1 out of the 4 main causes of sciatica. ... (16 replies)
... While very painful, sciatic pain is not dangerous to your health. ... (4 replies)
... and where the pain was. So I had thought that the Dr. ... (2 replies)
... in high school, had pain surrounding the area by my lower back "butt dimple" said my stomach was fat. ... (6 replies)
... s1 that became symptomatic, my Neuro also says my pain is coming from the facet joints. We put off surgery to give work conditioning a try, while at work conditioning the physical trainer stretches you all the time. ... (1 replies)
... lk, for very long, and I have perineal spasms that come on when I lie flat against sacral area or sit too long. I also recently developed plantar faciaitis, and sharp burning pains in groin area, as well as a feeling of having a burning belt half way around my waist on the right side. ... (9 replies)
... So i have this annoying pain that happens when I walk for a long distance. I am not sure what it is but I am putting it under back pain in case it is a pinched nerve stemming from there, I dont know. ... (2 replies)
... like pain, but then I also started feeling a dull nerve pain down the front, but in short bursts. And before that, I had some sharp pangs of what felt like nerve pain just above my left knee. ... (13 replies)
... L5 disc affects the L5 nerve which produces its pain distribution in the buttock region, down the lateral aspect of the thigh to a little below the knee. ... (10 replies)
... Do you have pain in any other part of your legs, back, buttocks, anywhere other then the back of your knee or calf? ... (16 replies)

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