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... Hi abc, When I was in college my college roommate had this same thing happen to her, she said it felt bruised at first, no injury, then it became where it felt like she was being hit. ... (2 replies)
... For nearly a month now, I have been having HORRIBLE pain in my tailbone. At first, it just hurt to stand up. But now, it hurts to sit or stand. ... (2 replies)
... S1 fusion. I have just started having sharp pains in my tailbone the past couple of weeks and have been wondering what is going on. Never had that pain before. ... (9 replies)

... Yes, I too have a terrible pain in my tailbone. ... (9 replies)
... I'm going to the doctors the 17th for an asthma checkup, so I'll get it checked out then. I wanted to get it checked out sooner though just in case it was a cyst. My friend had a cyst on hers, and hers got all swollen and everything. ... (2 replies)
... discectomy back in June....for a 9mm herniation that was pressing on both my left and right nerve...with the butt, leg...calf, foot pain etc.... after surgery my pain went away completely.... but after about 2 weeks or so, it gradually started to return, now it has returned, and is even in the left side now... ... (9 replies)
... I just had a lumbar discectomy on Friday, and before that I had what I described that it felt as if my "TAILBONE WAS BROKEN". ... (9 replies)
... Okay, so nearly 8 months ago I had a Sesamoidectomy and I have been basically living in sneakers "even in my house on hardwood flooring and upstairs carpeting. ... (7 replies)
... it's been a while since my last post. ... (1 replies)
... my guess with the pain post surgery, could be that the nerves there are inflammed, maybe due to the healing process. ... (9 replies)
... I waited tables at a local Pizza Hut. I kept noticing a sharp pain that would shoot through my left hip while I was walking...almost causing my leg to give out. After I had my son, it seemed to have gone away. Then all of a sudden, it came back, but also sending pains up the left side of my back. ... (1 replies)
... the surgery was on August 23rd. Must be the pain meds LOL. I have graduated from the walker to the cane and my pain is less consistent. Guess that means I'm healing? ... (13 replies)
... I could have written this myself. I recently noticed tailbone pain after sitting at the movie theater. Did not injure it, it just hurt to where I could barely sit. ... (11 replies)
... Hi all! I'm new here and hoping for some advice. About 10 years ago, I was preg. with my 1st child and started having back pain. It got pretty bad, but the docs all told me it was "normal pregnancy back pain. ... (3 replies)
... For the last few months I have been experiencing SEVERE pain in my coccyx area with some discomfort when sitting but the REAL pain is RIGHT after I stand up after sitting for awhile. ... (11 replies)
... I had a microdiscectomy and laminectomy on L5S1 after 5 months of severe sciatic pain in my left leg. ... (3 replies)
... months later, I still cannot sit. Until a month ago, if I sat at all it felt like my tailbone was being pried apart by a knife. Now I can sit for five minutes, but it just aggravates the back and I'm in pain for days. ... (9 replies)
... (7 replies)
... level with Spondylolysis at L5, I dont know if spondy is permanent. I do know that after about 7months I dont feel much if any better, and I dont understand why my back has not healed. I have regenerated broken bones in a months time, so why is this taking so long, I can only hope that it's not going to take much longer. ... (7 replies)
... Just over a month ago I hurt my lower back while working out at the gym. After about a week the pain seemed to subside and I returned to my regular workout routine. ... (3 replies)

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