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... You are dead on about L3 L4 being the cause of the shin burning. Mine actually got worse after surgery. For the first two days post surgery I felt good except for the surgical site. ... (15 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have been feeling a burning pain in my left shin.. ... (15 replies)
... this time he tells me that he has never heard of this type of pain in all the years he has practiced. ... (17 replies)

... After 18 months I still have most of my pain when I lie down on either side. I will be having and MRI in July or August but I still find my symptoms unusual. ... (0 replies)
... Yes my worse pain was always when I lay down which is not the norm for back problems. It got so bad that I would try to sleep sitting up in my recliner. ... (11 replies)
Increased pain
Apr 19, 2006
... but this is causing me a lot of pain right now.... ... (15 replies)
... microdiscectomy, and fortunately, I had massive immediate improvement in pain and symptoms from the time they put me out to the time I woke up in recovery. There's no more burning pain in my foot, shin or calf at all! ... (4 replies)
... The disk originally had bulged, but it wasn't bulged during surgery so the neuro surgeon left it alone. However, now I have pain and numbness in left leg and right foot from shin down. I am sorry you are so very young. ... (22 replies)
... Boy I can really identify with the burning shin pain. My pain is very much in that area. I get it whenever I lay on either side. It can be quite painful. ... (18 replies)
... k you saw it, it was a few days ago. I am really disapointed too about the leg pain. I thought after the surgery everything would be swell. For two days the only pain I really noticed was the surgical pain then the leg pain flaired and initially was really bad. ... (17 replies)
... The problem is that my pain in my legs seems to baffle the doctors at Duke. For a while I was getting a shooting pain in the right leg. This then turned into a stabbing pain in the shin and a burning sensation. ... (18 replies)
... After about 10 minutes my hip is bothering me and the pain seems to go down the hamstring almost to the knee and then moves to the outside of my knee to the calf and shin.The pain is usually a burning... ... (4 replies)
Sciatic pain
Apr 18, 2004
... ning and pain has gotten much worse, the entire foot burned and throbbed enough last night I had to take something to get to sleep, today the left thigh and left shin area burns as well, almost duplicate of the right leg and foot. ... (11 replies)
... e spinal jargon is, the only thing that makes real sense is the pain. I had a dreadful, botched lumbar puncture almost 3 years ago, I only really started getting pain close to a year ago. Whether it's related, neither the doc or I can say. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. They have never done the MRI with the contrast dye. I suspect that may be next, plus an MRI of the middle of my back. The burning sensation I had was on the right leg between the knee and ankle, along the shin. It felt like a match was burning me. It was usually worse at night. ... (18 replies)
... comended a fusion because it just was not a severely pinched nerve but a discs was bad as well.. i wound up having a 360 lumbar 3 level lumbar fusion, talk about pain and now i need more........ ... (8 replies)
... S1 and I really do not experience pain sitting, except if I sit for long periods of time and then it stiffens up and sends pain when I get up. I also do not get much back pain more of an ache. Like you I also feel good reclined. ... (8 replies)
... I had a lumbar laminectomy with hardware and fusion April 7 , 2008 with hopes of relieving my pain . After surgery I was fine, and then started physical therapy . I was in a brace for 3 mos. ... (16 replies)
... Same here. I am hoping that it is temporary, but this kind of pain did not surface until after surgery. The pain I had in my right leg is gone, but I have a constant burning, tingling, aching pain in my left leg. ... (15 replies)
... sounds like it to me to. I have burning, tingling, needles and a variety of nerve things going on in my legs and feet etc. - My ankles and feet are almost always burning. I have DDD. (15 replies)

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