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... Mine is a little different..i get bad pain that starts at top of stomach and goes to back and down in my arms will ache like crazy.I went for gallbladder help,was told i had a small hiatal hernia and acid reflux.......had acid tests and they were normal. ... (5 replies)
Upper Back Ache
Jul 19, 2010
... I have a dull ache in my upper back between my shoulder blades. I used to play a lot of computer games whilst lying on my front on my bed with my front raised and leaning on my elbows. ... (0 replies)
... whenever I sit in a chair to draw, use my computer, etc. I get an aching feeling in my back, particularly around the area of ym shoulder blades. ... (1 replies)

... Does anyone ever have an ache in and around their shoulder blades? ... (1 replies)
... I'm wondering if anyone has had these symptoms which I've had for the last month or so....Dull ache in the chest underneath the breastbone and a nagging pain in the back between the shoulder blades... no extreme pain at all just dull pain that is always there.. ... (5 replies)
... I had L3/4 Surgery April 13 this year, laminectomy,& fusion. Now my mid back between shoulder blades ache like a toothache & neck is stiff & painful. My spine specialist,took x-rays of my neck and then told me to come back in two month and he would order MRI. Why is he waiting to help me, is it because of the surgery I just had 8 months ago? Today,I called for a refill on... (2 replies)
... and comes on in waves. It centers right between my shoulder blades, and it is relentless. ... (0 replies)
... a dull ache really. Also experiencing heart burn which I rarely have. The pain between my shoulder blades sometimes feels like it's also radiating into my chest, but it doesn't feel like it's my heart, more like my left lung. ... (5 replies)
... weeks now alot of my cervical and thoracic vertabrae is bad. my adjustments are 3 times a week and the real severe pain is gone but lately i have had a constant ache and i have to say i took muscle relaxers today! i was first diagnosed with thoracic arthritis from my m. ... (10 replies)
... is squashed thinner than the other so my spine causes my right shoulder to be at a lower level than my left. Its not real obvious, maybe an inch or so. ... (1 replies)
... ache in my upper back. I initially described this as "between the shoulder blades" but the more a doctor palpated it the more I think it's really a little lower. ... (2 replies)
Back pain...
Nov 12, 2012
... Pain in the center of shoulder blades. ... (4 replies)
... Severe constant headaches, pain shooting down left arm and tingling in middle 3 fingers. Pain in both shoulders. Pain around both shoulder blades. Deep ache down back. Pain at mid back that seems to take breath away at times. Pain in left buttock and sown leg. Off work and seeing pain clinic and physio. ... (0 replies)
Middle back pain
Apr 4, 2010
... uite a while. It's by no means something that interferes with my daily routine, and sometimes a good twist of the spine helps a little. Sometimes I feel a slight ache in my chest from it, but I realize it's too deep in to be chest pain. It's right below my shoulder blades and right in the middle of my back. ... (0 replies)
Jan 27, 2010
... I have a sore spot on my spine in between my shoulder blades and my osteopath keeps saying its muscular but would that cause headaches and sciatica type pain? ... (1 replies)
... To this day, I continue to hurt all over. At the end of the day, my feet burn, my legs ache, I have almost continual pain between my shoulder blades when I'm sitting on the computer or driving. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all. Since a car accident almost a year ago (I was hit from behind due to some idiot not watching where he was going) i have had bad back pain. I constantly ache, have burning sensation in upper back between shoulder blades, sharp pain around rib cage and breast bone, making it painful to breathe (almost like a 'heart attck' or something). A few months after the accident... (14 replies)
... Hi I have had an L4/5 S1 Disc prolapse in Dec 2004 starting about 8 weeks prior to that with excruciating pain in Hip and left leg along with numbness prior to my surgery where small portion of disc had broken away and place dpressure on spinal cord. Have had epidural steroid in spine prior to surgery to relieve pain worked ok for a couple of weeks and came back twice as... (2 replies)
... I think you should get a second opinion before rushing in to surgery expecially if you are not having any loss of sensation or control of your arms or fingers. Carol (4 replies)
... I had a C6-7 ESI about 3 months ago. I was having horrible left sided pain between the shoulder blades & left tricep numbness, tingling & weakness. Neurosurgeon diagnosed "disk flattening" C6-7 from MRI and said to try the injection. I was nervous but it was fairly painless. (I almost freaked when he told me they inject from the front) I noticed the pain went from the normal... (4 replies)

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