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... into my back, would not solve my problem. You're right, that is a protocol for torn or very loose ligaments or tendons. Yet, I do have SI joint dysfunction, so it must present in different ways. ... (30 replies)
SI Joint Pain
Mar 29, 2011
... An orthopedic dr. told me it might be my SI joints. He said it's hard to diagnose SI joint dysfunction. From my research, my pain is consistent with SI joint pain. ... (25 replies)
SI Joint Pain
Mar 27, 2011
... Welcome to the board. I am wondering how you know that you pain issues are coming from the SI joints? ... (25 replies)

Si joint
Nov 21, 2010
... to respond. I wish I had more details on your what other lumbar issues you have, and why you think whatever problems you have are coming from the SI joints....since I don't have that information, some of my comments may be inappropriate, but I will tell you a bit about my experiences. ... (6 replies)
... into my back, would not solve my problem. You're right, that is a protocol for torn or very loose ligaments or tendons. Yet, I do have SI joint dysfunction, so it must present in different ways. I had an MRI yesterday so I will soon know the exact nature of the problem. ... (30 replies)
... Hi Quietcook, I think we talked before. Thanks for responding! I think the shot has helped a bit, but I still have some joint pain. ... (34 replies)
... i've had 2 doctors confirm it is SI joint dysfunction. I was sent to PT but that has only made maters worse irritating the joint even more so. Prolotherapy sounds like it's worth a try with little or no risks. ... (8 replies)
... level fusion...and it can take well over a year post surgery for the piriformis muscles and SI joints to start to function somewhat normally again post surgery. ... (14 replies)
... An orthopedic doctor would be appropriate if you are seeking an allopathic doctor. I, too, am trying to decide which route to take after 2 months of unremitting pain and inability to sit. I am checking into Prolotherapy, which another poster recommended, but I was told (by the Prolotherapy doc) it doesn't work for everyone. (30 replies)
... I had SI joint dysfunction. Please read my post from "back pain caused by zoloft." I highly suggest prolotherapy and some good old fasioned core training. Very important to read my post. ... (14 replies)
... There are several people here that have had or have SI dysfunction. I have it. I have been battling it for a long time. ... (14 replies)
... I have si joint dysfunction also and my dr. told me I need it fused. ... (9 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I am a fellow sufferer of lower lumbar issues and did a lot of research on si joint dysfunction and fusion after my first lumbar surgery when I still had lots of leg pain. ... (1 replies)
... Squatting is painful for me because, if you reach back, you can feel the pull of the SI ligament. It also pulls on the joint. It really stretches it out. The groin pain that I feel is from the torn ligament. ... (30 replies)
... ort.. I can't post any links on here from what I understand but will tell you that the surgery hardware is called IFUSE and the company that makes them is called SI BONE out of California. It has been around since approval by the FDA in late 2008. In 2010 they trained over 400 surgeons from all over the USA. ... (20 replies)
... Hello, I wanted to put this out there, because there are so many people suffering with si joint dysfunction,,, I was one of them. .. ... (9 replies)
... Prolotherapy and core training worked for me. If your si joint is not in the proper position you will continue to be in pain. ... (14 replies)
... A lot of doctors are quick to say SI dysfunction when it might be something else. Make sure that you have someone diagnose it that has no vested interest in Prolo. ... (6 replies)
... But, the teacher who is out, has the same thing as me. SI dysfunction. The doctors told him that he has to lay in bed, no sitting, on standing, for ten days. ... (5 replies)
SI joint
Sep 25, 2004
... I got a whole new perspective on the SI joint yesterday. I would like to hear from any men who have a problem with theirs. I was told that this is the joint that moves and opens up with childbirth contractions. I am not sure if that is true because my doctor is flaky. ... (0 replies)

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