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... This is my first post here, found the board by doing an internet search for siatic nerve pain. ... (14 replies)
Butt Pain ?? HELP
Oct 31, 2010
... HEy clo88 thats exactly the pain i get. Like a cramp all day in your butt. Its about hand distance from waist line. So that cortizone shot in my hip did nothing for the butt pain. ... (13 replies)
Butt Pain ?? HELP
Oct 31, 2010
... This wud affect the siatic nerve from wat iv gathered if it is si joint problems. Apparently there is an injection which confirms this diagnoses. ... (13 replies)

... do not have much nerve response in either of my legs in any of the nerves. This info comes from the NCS and the EMG that he did. At this point I am only having pain in my Right foot but what pain it is! It is really painful! ... (113 replies)
... sp shot in the butt. My leg went numb instantly. After about a week of intense pain and Needles sting in my entire leg I go back to the docotor. He makes me take a MRI. He says there is damgage to the piriformis muscle. ... (10 replies)
Siatic pain.....
Oct 13, 2007
... WOW... I just found this board by fluke.. I have just began experiencing siatic pain.. like many of you it is my left butt and down my leg, but sometimes it goes into the right side as well.. not into the foot at this point. I did not realize that it was such a serious situation. ... (0 replies)
Siatica pain!
Jul 11, 2008
... I hurt my back about 7 years ago. Still have allot of stiffness and pain in lower back on a daily basis. Worse than that I have muscle spasms always in my left butt at my siatic nerve, down my butt cheek into my hip. ... (14 replies)
... I think that you will find hundreds of people on these boards who suffer from lower back problems. It is common. If your MRI was normal then PT is the way to start. Surgery is not a good option as that leads to other problems. Ask for Neurontin and see if that helps. It is not a narcotic. Works for a lot of people. PT can take down the inflammation and walking in great also. (113 replies)
... I had a disc that herniated some time ago but finally got to the point of causing me to get an MRI and start PT. This was about a year ago. I started having Siatic problems over the past 2 months. My left Butt and Leg and foot. It is mainly when I am seated. I dont know what to do. ... (113 replies)
... desperate for some help so I hope some of you could give me some insight. I am 25 and already having back problems. It all began in late June when I got severe pain in my left arm accompanied by numbness in random spots. ... (0 replies)
... L5 S1 area. Prior to the surgery I was having a lot of pain in my siatic nerve in my butt and thigh. Also some pain in the lower back but the pain in the leg made me not worry about it as much. Immeditately after surgery I was pain free for about 2 weeks other than sworeness from the surgery. ... (6 replies)
... emselves. After trying Oxycontin, Celebrex, flexeral, morphine sulphate etc. I had the epidural injections. They did not help me whatsoever and actually made the pain worse. Some non invasive methods are out there but most are not FDA approved and there have not been clinical studies completed to show long term effects etc. ... (113 replies)
Please Help!!!
Apr 25, 2005
... Amy, every doctor I went to for my back said they couldn't see everything without a myleogram because the nerves are so tiny. I had a MRI, and then a catscan with a myleogram, and they found alot more with it. I know when I had my surgery 7 weeks ago he said that I had alot of built up scar tissue and the disc had caused more problems than they thought. They just can't see... (4 replies)
Please Help!!!
Apr 25, 2005
... I am expieriencing severe back and siatic nerve pain and have been for the past two years. MRI show that there is no significant disc damage to cause the nerve pain. ... (4 replies)
... I had a Lumbar Discectomy last Friday....Dec. 10th. So far it seems the surgery was successful. When I woke up in recovery, I no longer had the pain in my right butt, and the hamstring charlie horse that never went away for 16 weeks was gone, and the calf was fine too... ... (24 replies)
... I would get a second MRI and an EMG (113 replies)
... My MRI did show L5 herniated about a year ago. However I am pretty sure I may need another one. I still work out low impact but the pain from my butt is just making life very difficult. What could this be. I think a nerve but what is the best route to get the righ diagnosis? ... (113 replies)
Jun 4, 2014
... s1. I no longer have the the normal siatic nerve pain starting in my butt going down into my knee. But from the time in woke up in recovery to this very second, my right foot and calf have been "asleep" like pins and needles. ... (1 replies)
... I wouldn't rule out siatica nerve pain yet. I'm just now coming out of a 2 month flare up that was unbelievable. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for the reply! I know its a long haul. But After surgery the L leg pain was gone. Now its back and that was my concern. I didnt know if I had done something because of being so active. ... (2 replies)

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