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Siatic pain.....
Oct 13, 2007
... WOW... I just found this board by fluke.. I have just began experiencing siatic pain.. like many of you it is my left butt and down my leg, but sometimes it goes into the right side as well.. not into the foot at this point. ... (0 replies)
... I avoided surgery about 4 years ago for a herniated disc by going to McKenzie therapy. It worked wonders for me. I have known so many people that still had the pain after surgery that I was willing to try everything else before surgery. ... (113 replies)
... e are a lot of people in the same boat as you are and that a little help and encouragement help so much. I am just at six months post op and I started having the pain you have discribed. ... (113 replies)

... do not have much nerve response in either of my legs in any of the nerves. This info comes from the NCS and the EMG that he did. At this point I am only having pain in my Right foot but what pain it is! It is really painful! ... (113 replies)
... I think that you will find hundreds of people on these boards who suffer from lower back problems. It is common. If your MRI was normal then PT is the way to start. Surgery is not a good option as that leads to other problems. Ask for Neurontin and see if that helps. It is not a narcotic. Works for a lot of people. PT can take down the inflammation and walking in great also. (113 replies)
... I had a disc that herniated some time ago but finally got to the point of causing me to get an MRI and start PT. This was about a year ago. I started having Siatic problems over the past 2 months. My left Butt and Leg and foot. It is mainly when I am seated. I dont know what to do. ... (113 replies)
... depression, except my back problems. I went to sit down in a diningroom chair right before xmas just over 4 years ago. I had this stabbing pain in the middle of my back on the right side. ... (113 replies)
... That should take you to sites with a definition. Central Pain involves your central nerve system, which involves your back. ... (113 replies)
... I tried chiropractor, the injections, the pain meds, the inflamation meds. ... (113 replies)
... Since you indicate you have been in lots of pain and have sciatic pain, and since the usually cause of sciatica is not apparent from your MRI, you will need to insist that the doctors investigate further. ... (19 replies)
... Hi, I've been there with the back pain and sciatica and it's not fun! I just turned 23 in April and this July will be 2 years since I had my surgery. ... (113 replies)
... You should look into PT for your back. It did wonders for mine. I was in 24/7 pain for over 3 months, went to PT & that was just over 4 years ago. (113 replies)
... so I was in pain for a long time. Nothing the doc tried worked. Vicodin made me sick and Tylenol with Codeine took the edge off for about three hours. ... (113 replies)
... oint fusions done and have went through just about every known practice to man to try and relieve pain. I did have nerve blocks done about 8 years ago as part of pain managment treatment. ... (113 replies)
... s rife with them ,to see if I had some new exotic disease starting up . Nope, not that either. He asked if my back hurt and I said no , so he decided it was not pain radiating from my back. I told him I was going to try a massage therapist and he agreed. I went once a week , for 45 minutes for 4 weeks. ... (113 replies)
... Peggy, when judging pain, I went to the site that Betty posted on Central pain and what I thought was a ten is really a two. It is all in perspective, I guess. I think that is what the doctors are looking at. ... (113 replies)
... My new primary care doctor is sending me to KU Pain Center here in Kansas City. I told him I didn't want to see yet another pain doctor but he swears these people are better and different. ... (19 replies)
... ox out of the back of my truck. The box was loaded to about 120lbs. and when the handles ripped out I jerked forward to catch it heard a pop and had hot burning pain from my fingers to my toes on the left side. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Davey, I have been on Gabapentin for around 7 months. My dose just keeps getting increased. I have extreme nerve pain in my right leg from RSD and failed back syndrome. ... (22 replies)
... Then he worked on my lower back, well it was NOT sciatica, it's my hips out of place. YEP! I have NO pain there now at all. ... (113 replies)

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