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... I'm 21 and I have a slipt disk that is driving me nuts. It's the L5 area i believe which is lower. Anyway's i got a steroid injection for the pain that did nothing really.. ... (12 replies)
... Thank you all for your great advice. I tried physical therapy but only went for about a month due to my work schedule changing. I will consider it as soon as my schedule changes again and allows me to try it or i just might research some stuff on the net and make up my own routine..Water therapy seems like it might work better than others... im sure there's lots of... (12 replies)
... Iss, Just from the experience with my daughter, I would definately get a proper diagnosis from a spine specialist. They will be able to tell you if it is a slip, spondylolisthesis, or a herniation. If you have a slip you want to know the grade of the slip. When it reaches over 50% slipped off we were told that surgery is then the only option. Make a list of questions so... (12 replies)

... ISS most of the cases you read about on here are pretty extreme. NOt that yours is extreme but a lot of the people here have multiple herniations, DDD, fusions and such. A lot of people like me and you that are in their early 20's will heal from surgery such as a laminectomy/discectomy quickly. When I was 19 I had a laminectomy/discectomy and it was a great choice at the... (12 replies)
... I know i have to get it fixed... well i guess getting it fixed could be the hard part. Some people who have surgery for it say it didn't work for them and made things worse.. than i would be out a job. So basically im not sure if trying to "fix" it would be the good thing necessarily. I would i guess get it fixed through other means or at least get the pain controlled so it... (12 replies)
... If you want to be a cop you have to get that fixed. A lot of police departments will not take you if you have a bad back. A utility belt that a cop has around his waist weighs about 20 lbs and can take a toll on a person's back. (12 replies)
... casyman, well i guess 16 is better than 6. but still, 16 years old...well all i can say is as her dad, at least you dont have to worry about her cattin" around out there with those 16 yr.old boys at all hours of the night. but maybe, that would be a good thing, if she has missed being a teenager.? i hope she hasnt. again, goodluck to you 2 and i will keep you two in the... (12 replies)
... thanks everyone for your replies.. The grade of my herniation/slip whatever you wanna call it.... I do not know because no one had told me. The only way it was described was the things in the spine are only supposed to petrude the size of a pea and one of mine is the size of a grape.. which i have no idea what it means. The neurologist said that.. Are they spine... (12 replies)
... bshire, Thanks for the well wishes for my daughter. She is sixteen and had been trying to avoid surgery for two years. Having spondylolisthesis at her age is rare. She was born with this condition as her sacrum is also deformed. Two of the drs we went to said they maybe do one of her type of case a year. Then when you add the spinal stenosis on top of it you have a back... (12 replies)
... hey casyman, just so sorry to hear your daughter is going thru this. how old is she? sounds like she is young. its bad enough to have adults go thru this, but kids.? just not fair. really hope she feels better fast. god bless :angel: bshire (12 replies)
... Iss, My daughter had a slipped disc, which is called spondylolisthesis. Her L5 was moving forward off her S1. Her diagnosis was made when she was about 12, she was born with this condition. The slip is usually classified by grades I to IV, with one being a slip from 0 - 25% and so on. My daughter's slip was a grade II, her disc had slipped off about 35% of the way. ... (12 replies)
... I would suggest you 1. seek an opinion from a spine specialist, 2 explore a range of rehab options such as stabilising exercises, hydro therapy (exercise in water)etc. You need a clear diagnosis before trying to treat the problem. You did not mention what type of work it is u do. It may be that caausing the problem. Good luck Losy (12 replies)
... hey israel, well there is no such thing as a slipped disc. but your disc may be protruding, herniated, ruptured , changed anatomically so on etc... most of the time it is just starting to change its shape from a wide array of symptoms, posture, lifting heavy weight, muscle imbalance and so on.this tends to lead to pressure on the nerves. but your pain sypmtoms have alot to do... (12 replies)

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