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... about the sit bones..i mean specifically that it is the butt bones that hurt..yeah the back still hurts but the actual sit bones are sore and sometimes feel raw, like the muscle over the area has been irritated. but no marks,or sores or even redness. ... (9 replies)
... Facet joints are the bones that actually connect each vertebrae together and allow for movement. So you have degenerations of these joints on both sides. ... (9 replies)
... inches of bone length altogether in the upper and lower bones of that leg. This bone length loss affects the alignment of my back and also every joint in my body. I have bone on bone pain. ... (3 replies)

Am I broken?
Nov 10, 2005
... in the lower back, like, a year ago...just soreness during long drives, which is normal. What I don't think is normal is the shooting pain I felt when I felt the sore spots with my fingers. That faded in and out until a couple months ago... ... (1 replies)
... It started last December. My son came to me complaing his back hurt. Now, before this, for a few months, he was having sore throats that the Dr. said was strep, but the strep test he had was negative. Then the Dr. said it was mono. ... (7 replies)
Rib fracture
Dec 6, 2009
... well that kind of depends, in a different ways. the one thing that they 'used' to just do for rib fracture was wrap them with some type of contricting bandage? they do not do this anymore becasue it can very easily lead to pneumonia since the lungs just cannot fully expand with that much constriction. so if you DO indeed have some level of fracture, doing 'nothing", as far as... (2 replies)
... ry was like 4 yrs. ago and she says her hipbone still bothers her. Sometimes it fills with fluid and she limps. I am so glad they are not doing that to me. My bones are too old to be hammering ... (4 replies)
... My main problem is that I can't sit for a long time before the base of my spine starts to throb. ... (6 replies)
... well! With my daily self corrections, daily exercises for core, glutes, legs, and back, and careful posture, I'm getting better by the day. Oh, and I no longer sit all day at work. ... (4 replies)
... I had a bad day. Can't sit, too sore to walk and it is too hot to do much of anything else. ... (6 replies)
... S1 level it really aches and burns, I cannot sit at all, and is tender to touch. Further up along my lumbar spine, it feels like my spine hurts, if that makes sense. The bones hurt and are sore to touch. ... (6 replies)
... there having to be any other problem. It does so because when the vertebraes in the spine are all in alignment the muscles, and general anatomy of the spine all sit very snug in against those vetebrae. ... (52 replies)
... ck and under my shoulder blades, but lately my chest area is pretty bad also with light sharp tearing like pain when I stretch back. It aches and burns even if I sit still, but really is painful if I arch my back or twist. My worst enemy is the morning, I just can't seem to get going, it takes forever because I am so sore. ... (2 replies)

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