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... Has anyone with DDD ever had cervical problems that caused muscles in your arm to jump/twitch/spasm? My left arm (from shoulder down the outside and back of arm - down to the elbow) has been doing this a LOT lately (many times each day, for a few minutes each time). It's the weirdest feeling - it is even visible - you can see the muscles "jump" - not painful though when it... (3 replies)
Apr 3, 2001
... ctomies. You did not say what was muscles in between my shoulder blades on the right side are what is giving me the problem. In fact, that area is sore to the touch as well. Maybe somebody on here can help us out. ... (6 replies)
... Hi. I have had problems with my left arm too. Tremors at times, twitching,spasms. It's not painful but certainly annoying. I have been thru cervical surgeries and lumbar surgeries. As to the problem with the arm it was going round and round as to what the problem is. When I first had just tremors they thought it was Parkinsons disease. That was ruled out but then went to... (3 replies)

... there goes my twitching arm again.. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Linda Hope you are reasonable today - I am OK but so so tired!! My symptoms are:- Symptoms for Neurology Appointment 11 May 2009 1. Pressure in head – back of neck –on top of head - between eyes – Light headed - dizzy (16 replies)
Attn: W Baker
Jul 21, 2003
... to work full time now, however only working in office still. Still wearing shorts, can't beat that in summer time. Implnat site right now is prob. a little too sore for pants, so figure take advantage and wear shorts. ... (8 replies)
... ng discomfort and it doesn't "hurt" like pain. Numbness is that you cannot feel any sensation in the affected area when touched or stimulated. Spasms of muscle twitching correcT? ... (7 replies)
... It sounds like the doctor who examined you said no carpel tunnel and the bulging discs not the problem directly? I was wondering if there are chemicals you were around in this fiberglass company? I know there are in the plastics and the dry cleaning business ... ones that cause the 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms. I find these to be rampant in the general population, too,... (20 replies)
... I am a 25 year old male that has been having mid and lower back pains along with some abdominal pains. I also have sore sides around the ribcage. Somtimes the pain comes across both bottom ribs, other times it can be felt in the chest. ... (0 replies)
... fingers, I get a lot of muscle twitching on my upper back and back of shoulders. ... (19 replies)
... I was doing awesome for the first 4 months or so. Now, I'm back on pain management. But, the pain is NOWHERE near what it was before. It's pretty tolerable. I'm just on light Tramadol. It's mostly just sore. My only concern is that my left leg is still bothersome (pain, twitching), and I have light accidents (from bowels and bladder). But, with little pain I don't know if... (4 replies)
... Thanks Deb, that is why I picked that field. The school is 7 months, it's a certificate type program but will broaden my range of areas to find jobs in. And i've even noticed some of the c/s jobs that are health care related require different types of medical related that will help too. With my back, I haven't noticed that touching any area sends pain into other... (10 replies)
Post Op pain?
Apr 23, 2007
... I had my surgery on 4-12-2007 and I'm wondering if anyone has had weird muscle spasms in other parts of their body? My right arm keeps twitching and my surgery was for sciatica relief with 2 herniations at L-3 ,L-4 and L-5,S-1. Also I see what they mean by take baby steps. Doing anthing of too much can get you sore!! (5 replies)
... Flexeril helps the twitching in mine. But I pretty much always have a dull ache in the thigh. ... (56 replies)
... Jd, you do need to discuss it with either your pm or your specialist; it certainly sounds like cervical problems going on. I'm sorry this is happening again...some of us just can't seem to catch a break. Carol (3 replies)
... I am sorry that they you still have not gotten your CT Scan results. You are really in my thoughts. I have also had that twitching eye thing and it is very annoying. I never brought it up to a doctor because it comes and goes for absolutely no reason. My husband has also experienced this. ... (157 replies)
... my right leg beg. to cause me a lot of problems again. It had been pretty stable since my epdiural, but its pretty bad right now. Foot won't stop throbbing and twitching when sitting upright and driving, which is tough being the right foot. Thigh and butt area are very sore sitting upright and standing. ... (60 replies)
... Hi AmbrMF.... I remember when my injury ( a repetitive stress injury) flared felt just like I had bounced down a few stairs on my butt. It was REALLY sore and tender, I remember I couldn't sit for very long (I was a database admin which required 4-6 hours sitting straight). It got progressively worse as I continued the movements that were stressing out my... (10 replies)
Hey Shirl
Jul 30, 2002
... I think its best to answer your question with my symptoms. I have burning across both shoulders. I have pain down most of my neck. Like sore spots when I press my neck. There also is tightness. I can not turn my head very far to the left at all. It just hurts too much and it just won't turn any more. ... (5 replies)

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