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... While looking for advice and reassurance from the wonderful community of folks here, I've begun to realize that this is a relatively uncommon procedure for spinal fusion. ... (2 replies)
... without the extensive recovery time and the limitations on what I am able to do during that time. I've discussed some of the other procedures I have read about with my Dr. ... (5 replies)
... I just had ALIF spinal fusion with instrumentation S1 L5 on August 3, 2010. I stayed at my mom's house for the first week, and now I am home. ... (27 replies)

... t if you haven't trained or been one yet, I don't think they will accept you in the police academy. I know they don't take you in the military with any kind of spinal fusion...Good luck..StarAngel. ... (11 replies)
... do the fusion as the clamps holding the old and new rods together broke. So my experience is very limited. When you say the fusion snapped with stunning force, what exactly did you mean? ... (4 replies)
... S1 fusion for my spondylolisthesis. they approved it for a week but then decided that it wasn't a new injury and that my 2006 worker's comp case should cover it. ... (3 replies)
... I am 29 and just had a fusion at L4 L5. ... (11 replies)
... Rob, welcome to the boards! You'll find a lot of great info and support here. I had a 2 level fusion almost 3 weeks ago, so I'll be glad to share with you what I know. Right now, I'm not allowed to bend, twist, or lift more than 5 lbs. ... (11 replies)
... I am a 28 year old male and am having a single level lumbar fusion performed next Friday. ... (11 replies)
... What is that procedure called so I can let him know about that. Because that's exactly what my surgeon said that it's not opened enough and obstructed. I had epidural and cortisone shots they did nothing at all. Epidural, cortisone, facet joint, ac joint procedure, rf abrasion I think it's called. Radio frequency, they burned the nerves which was suppose to be 6 months... (10 replies)
... I don't want to influence you one way or the other. All I can say is what the doctor told you about having no limitations after having a SCS implanted runs contra to experiences I've seen with people I know. ... (10 replies)
... omething like that on my spine. Stretching me massage etc I felt I was being taken for a ride. My back doctor is very up front with me he said I will not have no limitations after the SCS Is in me. ... (10 replies)
... Well I finally got my cervical fusion scheduled and I am one week away Nov. 30 is the day. Now the nerves are setting in. You'd think after my spinal fusion, I wouldn't be, but I think this is almost scarier. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, many doctors and articles do say that a fusion will put additional stress on the vertebrae directing above and below the fusion. ... (5 replies)
... d am very active. I surf, snowboard, play football, soccer, have two little ones. I was curious being now 6 months out how your recovery has gone and what if any limitations you have. THe internet has freaked me out with so many unhappy people. ... (4 replies)
... because that is very important. However, I would still get a second opinion to be sure that surgery is necessary, number one, and also to get another opinion on limitations after surgery, number two. ... (5 replies)
... Byrd, I'm not so sure that my pain was sciaticia. I think it was more muscles. But, it is definetely not uncommon to have more leg problems after surgery for awhile. I had few and the doctor told me that the nerve roots (to the legs) can remain very pissed off, so to speak, for awhile after fusion. They get in there and tug on them and pull them around to get done what they... (11 replies)
... I can only echo the thoughts of others in relation to rollercaasters - not a good option. Being nervous is very natural - fear not - What you have to remeber is that following surgery the mechaniscs of your back will be different and any stress on your back will be felt at the levels below and above the fusion. Following a 2 level fusion l4/5 & L4/S1 I have lived a relatively... (11 replies)
... Hello TwoHands, I really appreciate the quick reply!! I totally agree that I don't really know what I am afraid of. I can't define the fear... It is just there. It is going under, recovering, being operated on, Urg! everything!! I really want to focus on the relief, but I can't help thinking about my 40% chance of the pain not going away... I really am trying to stay... (18 replies)
... You could also benefit from talking on the phone or in person with others who have had spinal fusions or back surgeries. ... (18 replies)

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