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... Hi cas: Thanks for the reply... I'm glad she is doing well, that's good to hear. Are you saying that it was a two part procedure, having to go into the hospital twice? Did she have many limitations after the surgery-like no bending, lifting etc for a while, or did she get right back to her regular routine, and how long did she have the limitations if any? Did they tell... (11 replies)
... My son also had the spacers that the web site shows. ... (11 replies)
... my daughter has. Her dr said they packed the spacer with bone graph. On an xray it shows up as tiny white specks. The screws are titanium so I'm assuming her spacers are too. If your brother is having these spacers put in, I'm assuming he's also being fused. Correct? ... (11 replies)

... Hi there, Tammy is right. THere are several different types of spacers. There are cadaver bone spacers (donor bone), metal, titanium etc. I've had 2 back surgeries in the past year. The first time my screws broke so I then required a 10 hour surgery. During this surgey I received a femoral ring. A femoral ring is cadaver bone that iss hsped into a ring and solid... (11 replies)
... in scoliosis fusions and his adult spine specialist perform her surgery. It took the two of them just over three hours. She was born with spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. At 15 she had the back of an 80 year old woman. ... (11 replies)
... My daughter had spacers put in as part of her fusion, laminectomy, disectomy surgery. ... (11 replies)
... There are several types of "spacers".. what exactly did you have in mind? Could you be more specific for us? Tammy:wave: (11 replies)
... Has anyone had this surgery where they put spacers in between the vertebral space to restore the height between the vertebra? ... (11 replies)
... Have you gotten any other opinions from other spinal specialists? ... (6 replies)
... So, here I am, 26 years old, with a Spinal Fusion scheduled for some time on Haloween. yea, tell me about it! ... (23 replies)
... e worse. Just over a year ago her dr said he thought it was time for surgery. I totally paniced. After her mri in Jan it was found that she was also born with spinal stenosis. Another panic. These conditions together are rare in children. ... (10 replies)
... Mild Congenital Narrowing of the Spinal Canal. ... (398 replies)
... Hello MollieR :wave: Welcome to the Healthboards for Back Problems. It sounds as if your recovery is coming along successfully. You must have been thrilled to know longer suffer with that leg pain, sciatica.... I haven't heard of a brace such as yours. I myself wore the TLSO brace, but haven't heard of a leather one. I also wore a bone growth stimulator 24/7 for the... (7 replies)
... I know people get tired of being told it is still early in recovery...but that is a significant fact in your recovery. There are different types of nerve injury or assault that can happen with lumbar surgery. First, it is a big surgery that can end up being more like a carpentry project with the use of medical tools that look like a saw, a hammer, pliers, etc. There is... (3 replies)
... Hi, I do hope that your Dr can get to the bottom of this. It can be very frustrating when you have test after test done and they all show nothing conclusive. That was an issue I had but the last CT Scan showed the problems,finally! Thank god my Dr never gave up either but just the look on his face sometimes was like "the pain is in his head" When the CT Scan finally showed... (7 replies)
... and hook into plastic spacers placed in the disc area that limit motion in certain directions. Then proceed to a fusion, maybe. I spoke with my Orthopedic specialist who is a spine wizard. ... (52 replies)
... I am more than happy to answer some of your questions. I am a person who had 2 spinal multi-level fusions, lami, SIJ fused, decompression, 360 Plif, etc. My first surgery failed, was done 03/06. Second surgery was done 12/07 on higher levels. Both times cages, screws, rods (hardware) metal plate and metal clips were used. I suffer with severe case of RA, MS and Lihcken... (6 replies)
... Ya, the fusion surgery is still fusion surgery, but there are different approaches to it more now. And they are finding ways to not cut into the muscles so much and finding ways to get a better fusion. But it's still major surgery and many people today seem to think they are getting their wisdom teeth out and will be back out and about in a few short weeks and life is... (11 replies)
... Thanks to all of you for your input, especially on the stairs, activities, motorcycle, returning to work, and some of the things you had give up etc. That's what I was looking for. I suppose the surgery hasn't changed that much except for the recovery time and, hospital stay, and the option of having minimally invasive. Good Luck to you all!!! (11 replies)
... That information helped us alot thank you. I had a minimally invasive posterior fusion done last april at l4/l5. I have 6 incisions, but the muscles were not cut, but dilated through instead. My disc was removed and i have cages and they put some of my bone that they took out of my spine in the cage along with a bone growth protein (infuse BMP), to help promote a better... (11 replies)

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