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... Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm in need of some support from those who know what it's like. In less than 2 weeks, I'm going in for a fusion on my L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1 at HSS with Dr. Cammisa. This will be my third spinal surgery (first one was when I was 17 years old, 11 disk fusion). When all is said and done, I will have 14 levels fused. To say I'm horrified and scared... (20 replies)
Fusion questions
Oct 1, 2004
... had the first surgery, it was a laminectomy without fusion or disc removal, they just trimmed the bulge and basically reamed out the holes the nerves leave your spinal canal to make it bigger so it won't pinch your nerve. ... (5 replies)
... scans and have seen a number of specialists, more recently a neurosurgeon. The outcome is that I have no spinal fluid below L4 when standing and the specialist has recommended a 2 Level TLIF and Decompression. ... (2 replies)

... Hello Everyone, I am new to this board, but, "Back Problems" are not new to me! I am a "Back Pain" sufferer since 1991 due to a work related injury. I beleive that my condition has worsened, over the years, due to the fact that I am caught up in the Workman's Comp abyss. Hey, any of you out there caught up in the same abyss? I suffer with "3" Herniated Disks (L3-L4, L4-L5,... (14 replies)
... out I have DDD just like every body else over the age of 30, but mine was different, after the MRI, they found 6 rupturded disks l2,l3,l4,l5,l6,s1 and I had the spinal fusion, and the laminectomy. But through the 3 years waiting for insurance to kick in my other half worked his fanny off to pay for my 800. ... (18 replies)
... gnificantly and slowly returned to work but gave up my sports interests and risk taking fun. when I recently experienced a problem with the disc above the fusion tests revealed a solid fusion. ... (31 replies)
... I have felt terrible the last couple of weeks in my stomach/bowels. I am bloated, pain in the middle right under breastbone. I went to GI doc today and he was worried about an obstruction (especially with all the painkillers) and I had my gallbladder out 20 yrs ago. He sent me home with Flagyl, Quarzan (Clidinium), pepto bismol tabs, Nexium and did blood tests, ultrasound and... (7 replies)
... S1 disc protrusion nerve compression , arthritis and spinal stenosis . ... (7 replies)
... ere it occurs frequently. One is the central canal and the other is in the neural foramen. The foramen are openings at he edge of each vertebra that allows the spinal nerve to exit the spine and go out to the limbs or other areas of the body. These openings need to be clear in order for the nerves to function normally. ... (1 replies)
... some cut off meds at a set period post op regardless of how the patient was doing and others treated from beginning to end, and yes some did their own invasive tests while others peferred to use the anesthologists with their associated hospitals for doing things like spinal injections. ... (5 replies)
... RESPONSE I want to thank you very very much for responding to my posts. A lot of what you mentioned does make a lot of sense to me. I also think something is being missed with my test reading results. A reason that leads me to think this is the first xray i had the radiologists who read it said no problems at all, my chiropractor disagreed when he saw it and that is when... (5 replies)
... You clearly have symptoms that indicate one or more spinal nerves are being compressed. Look online for a "dermatome map" and look to see which areas of the body are innervated by those lower lumbar nerves.... ... (5 replies)
... Thank you so much for responding back, I have only been to my family doctor who basically sent me to a Neurologist. Which I go Jan 17th. She put me on work restrictions and my work does not accomadate them . so now i am on medical leave. Basically I am not allowed to lift anything greater than 10lbs, no bending, sharp turns ,squatting, kneeling, no sitting or standing longer... (8 replies)
... displacing the left S1 root and abutting and causing mild deformity of the right S1 root. ... (8 replies)
... I feel your pain... I am 22 years old, and am going to have a fusion on L4-L5 since my Microdiscectomy earlier this year failed. Have you tried Aquatic Physical therapy? It helps a lot for most people. If you have to have a fusion, L5-S1 is the least of all evils.. There is not too much motion at that joint, and the success rates for the fusion are very high.. You also don't... (33 replies)
... r.s saying I needed surgery and another saying I needed a fusion WC for some reason denied the Dr.s ever told me these things and they only gave me epidurals and tests then they sent me a letter stating I reached maximum benefit and enclosed was my last WC was in shock.. ... (12 replies)
... glad to have found them. I have been intrigued by reading your posts about your disk replacement surgery. I, too, am recovering from surgery. I had my second spinal fusion on Sept. 20th. ... (24 replies)
... L5 causing only mild ventral thecal sac and left L5 root compression. ... (1 replies)
... Christina you are not alone. Yes, I do have that gripping pain. My level of functioning varies by the day & the hour. I go to work everyday but utilize my walker to get around. Sleeping is the most trying because it's more like not sleeping. If I lay on my side I feel like my lower spine is being sucked out of my back. I try to lay on my back as best I can. I'm not big... (12 replies)
... iece of the puzzle that your doctor can use to try to figure out what is causing your pain. The nerves that innervate the muscles in your legs come out from the spinal column. The nerve conduction part of the test is used to determine if there is any damage to the peripheral nervous system. ... (2 replies)

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