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Spondy Newbie
Mar 3, 2007
... Hello, Pars defect does not have anything to do with incontenance. Prior to my L4-S1 fusion 12 months ago for isthmic spondilolithesis (pars defect), grade 2 L5 disk completely gone(bone on bone) L4 bulging. I tried out a tempurpedic and due to the grinding of my vertibreas, was unable to turn or get out of it. Now that I am 100% fused, I could do it. Lumbar fusion... (24 replies)
... Hi Roy, Yes, I did have my fusion by the Nebraska Spine Center Dr.Longley. I get the sciatica too, when it happens it is not fun but luckly, it goes away on its own. I am much better now than I was at one year. You have lots of ways to go still. Just temember, you have a great doc/team. Your back wont be perfect but should be better. Just wanted to remind everyone that I... (9 replies)
... I'm about 11 months post op and so far I would have to say I'm happy with my results. My doctor told me it can take up to 2 years for all the nerves to settle down etc.. I had spondilolithesis also and had a bone graf from the left side of my pelvis, lamenectomy, and spinal fusion L4-S1. My biggest problem before surgery was the pain in my left leg. It was just terrible. From... (20 replies)

... Hello, I am 11 months post L4-S1 fusion for spondy. On a good day, I am 85% better than before. On a bad day I am 40% better. It is hard to say because my pain is different now. Before I had the constant grinding. Now I have upper back stiffness and morning stiffeness. On my bad days I get pain down my leg and tailbone. I can sneeze or cough without hitting the floor. I... (23 replies)
... Hello, I had L-4-S1 fused in Feb 2006. I had spondilolithesis (pars defect). I was diagnosed 10 years prior to my fusion and only my L5 was effected. I was so afraid of the domino effect of my next levels going bad so I put off surgery as long as I could. I was 25 when diagnosed and at 34 my L4 was effected now because of the movement of L5. My point is that with my... (5 replies)
... Hello, I had spondy for 10 years and finally had surgery 9 months ago. I am better than before surgery as far as I can stand and make dinner or clean the house. I now have different issues. I have muscle spasms at the incission area. I am still healing though. I had L4-S1 fused. Make sure you are going to a spine specialist. The most predictable and best outcomes in spinal... (14 replies)
... Hello, Congratulations :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire I am 6.5 months post L4-S1 fusion. Here is my post from 12 weeks post op. Very similar to yours. 12 Weeks Post Op And Fused !!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I saw my surgeon today for my 12 week visit and got ct scan and x-rays. He said I am fused... (15 replies)
New pain
Sep 12, 2006
... I too have had leg issues since my surgery. I was wondering if you had spondilolithesis before your surgery? ... (18 replies)
... I have had calf problems since I had surgery and my doc says it is because I had spondilolithesis for so long. He did stretch me back to perfect spinal alignment and I am hoping that is what my problems are with my feet and calf. ... (10 replies)
... Hello, I saw my surgeon today for my 12 week visit and got ct scan and x-rays. He said I am fused and can loose the brace and start physical and water therapy. My legs are very tight and I have left calf and foot pain. I have been backpain free since I woke up from my grade 2 spondilolithesis. I asked my doc what percentage of fusion I was and he said he didnt like to use %... (10 replies)
... Hello, I am 5 weeks post L4-S1 fusion. My back feels wonderful. No more grinding from spondilolithesis. Toward the end before surgery, I could hardly cook. Couldnt stand at stove,vacuum, etc.... I waited 9 years before surgery. I am only 5 weeks out and am dealing with some new leg and foot issues. I would be 150% if it werent fot the leg and foot thing. I was afraid that I... (8 replies)
... Neurosurgeon prescribed 2mg hydromorphone hcl for the one I am caring for (with spondilolithesis of th L3-4 and L4-5 vertebrae, and spinal stenosis). Hydromorphone is a synthetic version of morphine. Supposed to take 1 -2 tablets 4x day. It gives only short term relief, so it has to be taken quite often. It works okay, but haven't noticed the side effects yet. Was using... (9 replies)
... d no relief. Lying down on the bed just to get started was too painful. Accupunturist felt that he could not do much since the extent of the spinal stenosis and spondilolithesis was too severe for accupunture to do any good. Was doing this in concert with TCM. ... (6 replies)

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