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... two on right side and two on left. These might last for a week or two, hopefully. Not as strong as the steroid shots. When I had the heartburn feeling, I also felt like there was a lot of gas and I was burping like crazy. Isn't that weird? ... (49 replies)
... however, that is not to say you aren't in pain. Have you considered going to see a sports medicine doctor and geting a steroid shot? ... (3 replies)
... This sounds so like me it is unreal I have so much pain in my tail bone and hip it is unreal and only getting worse, I went and had a 3rd steroid shot back in May and when I went back to the doc a couple of weeks ago he asked me if it had helped and I told him no he was like let me show you why. ... (3 replies)

... Lori, I would definitely give the steroid shot a try. As I said, some folks find they work for them, some don't. I have an aunt who herniated a disc, got a series of three and is able to do things again. ... (23 replies)
... oids. a few days after I finally was feeling better I woke up with what felt like a bubble in my back. After a few days the bubble turned into a sharp knife like pain in what I thought was the back of my left lung that felt like it went all the way through to the front of my chest. ... (1 replies)
... I am 26 and in great physical shape. Back in June, I started noticing pain in both my knees. I felt the pain in both my knees, sometimes in my feet, and in my back around my hips. I felt it at work and went through the workman's comp. ... (0 replies)
... S1 that doesn't bulge to any side and the my doctor says it means the pain is not coming from my spine. ... (12 replies)
... and it was a roller coaster of getting over the injections for about a week, some relief for about 2 weeks then a week of worsening pain until going back for the next round. ... (13 replies)
... hrs, wear the lumbar brace given to me by the chiro, and stick a cooling pain relief patch on each buttcheek, and don't stay in one position too long! I still don't get it. ... (11 replies)
... I had an epidural steroid injection in the lumbar region last Monday. ... (7 replies)
... steroid shot into his hip for bursitis. ... (33 replies)
... Hi. My pain is subsiding some since the 4 branch blocker shots Tuesday. I am still in more pain than before the first shot I had in the join nearly 2 weeks ago. I regret doing that first injection completely. But, I guess most people do not react this way to it. ... (13 replies)
... I did need another injection, and 6 months after that I had another. He told me that when the inflammation has really built up, sometimes it takes more than one shot to bring the level down. ... (13 replies)
... our right in saying that whatever problem it might does affect the nerves, tendons, muscles, etc. Today my lower back didn't feel too bad, but after the shot in the neck, when I got home I had that stitch in the side thing going on as well as aching there. So...go figure.... ... (49 replies)
... My dad had one steroid shot many years ago for his shoulder and he never really had problems with it again... that's why I was so receptive to this. ... (19 replies)
... Well I called them Monday and as I had read about it, the doctor said to go ahead and go for the next one which was yesterday and to take a benedryl at noon. My appt was for 3. Got along fine but just about an hour ago, started having flush in my face and not it is on fire. While there for the injection, he said that it isn't what they are giving me to knock me out but... (13 replies)
... I have had pain around my right SI joint and shooting pain down my right leg since Sept 07. ... (13 replies)
... I had that shot yesterday for my neck and felt good until I went to bed....then, wow, I developed a grand headache that kept me up all night! ... (49 replies)
... chance is that a steroid shot used as a diagnostic tool. They are trying to find out if you have a structural problem or just inflammation. If the pain comes back or doesn't leave then they move onto something else but insurance states that they have to offer it. You don't have to do it. ... (9 replies)
... Im in a tough situation. Im a single mother with 2 small children. The orthopeed's are not giving me any answers. I am in a bind because Im in pain all of the time. ... (7 replies)

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