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... Hello everybody this is JW. I had the fusion surgerey thursday, I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. Now i am home and i am catching hell. I am in extreme pain, My left butt cheek is swole. ... (5 replies)
Surgerey date
Jun 24, 2009
... king forward to getting better. I am kinda nervous, but ready to be pain free. I had a dicksectomey in september of 08. so if i can get any kinda advice for this surgerey i would appreciate it. Fusion with hardware july 3 2009. I have been reading everybodys experience with this type of procedure. Please i need feedback. ... (5 replies)
... a second surgerey. What is the sucess rate of this kinda surgerey.Is there anybody who have had success after this kinda surgerey.I just think its a waste, Back surgerey is a serios surgerey. So if anybody can answer please do. And if there is anybody who had sucess after a discetomie please respond. ... (1 replies)

Fusion update
Jul 20, 2009
... i will get a xray so i can see whats going on. Is this a normal feeling am i in a panic I need some feedback from you guys, anybody who was 3 weeks out of fusion surgerey please reply, so i can stop recking my nerves. ... (1 replies)
... I can't agree with you more, I suggest everyone to do same thing. I would never go for any surgery without seeing couple opinions in different areas/state/hospitals. I learned this in hard way, this is why I always suggest this to people. I can never forget when 15 years ago, after having heart Cauterization on Wednesday, 3 cardiologist of same group came to my room... (15 replies)
... The surgeon that recommended the surgerey is at one of the top hospitals in NY and I loved this doctor and the hospital. So I went to another completely separate hospital and doctor for another opinion. ... (15 replies)
FCE question
Aug 8, 2011
... Hello everybody, sorry havent posted in a while just won a crazy fight with workmans comp I have had 3 major back surgeries I had a disectomey, 1 level fusion at L3L4 and just had a 2 level fusion at L4L5 I fought with with workmans comp for a year for the last surgerey. They didnt pay me for a whole year. I had to change doctors i found out the first doctor was on there pay... (0 replies)
... Well i have another doctor, he wants to do the 3rd surgerey. My attorney has a court date friday the 7th, i have had a deposition with my new doctor. So im just waiting for the insurance company to say something. In the meantime i am not getting paid anything, so that sucks. But i will not give up. (6 replies)
... Hello everybody, hope everyone had a good holiday. I have had a microdisectectemey, i had a fusion with 4 screws in july of last year. I was still having problems with leg numbness and crucial back pain. Mind you this is a workmans comp case. My surgeon released me back to full duty work without even telling me, i learned that from my attorney. So i had to get a second... (6 replies)
... Hello everybody, have not posted in a while. Im about to have my 3rd fusion surgerey done by a second doctor. My first doctor really did me in, he did a microdiscektemey, then he did a fusion. ... (4 replies)
New MRI reading
Jun 14, 2010
... S1 level encases the thecal sac and exiting nerve roots.If anyone can help with the results please respond, am i headed for another surgerey or not? ... (3 replies)
Same symptoms
Apr 15, 2010
... Hello everyone its me again I am 9 months out of a fusion with 4 screws.I am having the same symptoms I had before the surgerey. I have severe back pain, leg numbness, foot numbness. what can be the cause of this? can another disk be messed up. can the hardware be loose? what are some of the causes of this. Help please (2 replies)
Changing doctors
Apr 9, 2010
... Well I have a couple of suggestions... Like brendaks stated... doctors can often forget what they said to you, so it never hurts to ask for a written assessment. Be it in the form of an actual letter or a copy of your medical records which hopefully contain notes of your conversations and concerns. If your records don't contain notes of your conversations then its not... (11 replies)
Changing doctors
Apr 8, 2010
... Hi everybody? I have a serious question. My surgeon who has performed 2 surgeries on me, i dont like the way he is treating me now. I have a workmans comp case. he told me he was putting me on a 40lb weight restriction. which means i cant go back to my regular job. Well come to realize he says after a year i can go back to full duty,this is what he told the insurance company,... (11 replies)
... I had a level 2 fusion with 4 screws. i had a collasped disc before the surgerey. and no i have not had a mri, or anything like that. i am tired of mri,s and all of this stuff i accept the fact i will be disabled i am tired of this workmans comp stuff. (15 replies)
... Hello everyone, just checking in. but is there anyone who is 100% disabled after having these type of surgeries. I am 6 months out of fusion surgerey. And i am having a rough time. I am about to go for the test to see how much i can lift for the rest of my life. And i cant lift a pound, so if anyone can help it would be heart felt. (15 replies)
Fusion surgerey
Aug 10, 2009
... Ken, that's fantastic! Just keep being careful about bending, lifting, and twisting until you know you're fully fused. Thanks for the positive post! Emily :wave: (5 replies)
Fusion surgerey
Aug 10, 2009
... Just a quick update for those that are searching for success stories! As you can see from my earlier posts, I had Posterior Fusion at L5-S1 on april 29th, and this past Saturday night (August 8th), I went dancing with my wife! I haven't been able to dance in years b/c of the pain. Granted, I was a little sore yesterday, but the joy of the evening out-weighed the soreness.... (5 replies)
Fusion surgerey
Jul 13, 2009
... JW, I had L5-S1 fusion on April 29th. I was in bed for about 6 weeks, then back working at my desk (from home). I saw my dr at 8 weeks, got cleared for Physical Therapy and am marching towards full recovery! (*Not bragging, just showing the light at the end of the tunnel*) BlueAtlas is right, the boredom will get you! Especially if you are active. I used to run... (5 replies)
... I am just curious, I currently have a case against the company i work for. I have had a microdisectomey and i have had the fusion surgerey. I am a married man with 2 kids. I have an attorney i have yet to discuss money with him, so can anyone give me a ballpoint figure i am looking at, Just looking for a little help before i ask my attorney (4 replies)

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