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... I posted on here before and many asked for updates because they had a similar situation where they had no left leg pain until after surgery and didn't know what may be the cause. ... (1 replies)
... Several years ago I had crippling pain in my arm and hand from cervical nerve encroachment. Over a period of two years the pain resolved. I had had lumbar surgery previous to this with complications and my recovery was lengthy so I really didn't want another lengthy convalescence. ... (8 replies)
... inflamatories every day that kept the pain at bay to some extent and then after another MRI, my neurosurgeon advised that I had reduced the inflammation to some extent and that surgery was not an option now and I am now seeing a fairly expensive muskuloskeletal physio once a month. ... (56 replies)

... Inflammation is a big thing that is going on in your back right after surgery. And that inflammation is making the muscle press on your nerves, which also contributes to the healing pains. Advil is very helpful. ... (11 replies)
... It may be that there is some instability, in part created by the two micro discectomies. There could still be inflammation from the surgery itself. It could be that the surgeon had to tug on the nerve a bit to free it up and it needs time to recover and regenerate... ... (10 replies)
... Hi Michael, Please don't be discouraged about your recovery as you are only 9 days post surgery. I had L5/S1 micordisectomy in Oct 2010 and felt better after surgery. Prior to surgery I had back of left leg/foot numbness for almost a year. I was not feeling good for a few months and numbness was better but not gone. But I did things too soon and within a year I had... (4 replies)
... Well, at least you know that it isn't the surgery itself that is causing new issues. ... (6 replies)
... Hi good luck to you. My surgery was on april22 and I am almost ready to go back to work. I was told no anti inflammatory drugs for a month before, and for at least 6 months after. ... (9 replies)
... just how long ago was your surgery done? ... (2 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with tailbone area inflammation after microdisckectomy? ... (4 replies)
... My guess is that you have caused some inflammation in the surgical area. The tissue has swollen up and is probably pressing on one of the spinal nerves. Hopefully that's all that is wrong. ... (4 replies)
... I hope to hell this goes away. I know a few on this board said that he should not have right leg pain like that after the surgery. The office says that there is inflammation and that is probably what is causing it. Has anyone else had inflammation that has caused pain in the good leg after the surgery. He is so upset. ... (3 replies)
... better. All the pain was due to inflammation after my surgery. ... (22 replies)
I'm Home
Apr 14, 2009
... This is only the beginning, so he's going to haveto grin and bear it and complain all he wants, you had MAJOR BACK SURGERY I'm sure he's stressed with the new to do list, but hay, thats what marriage is about. ... (61 replies)
... The numbness is a sign of nerve compression or irritation. Basically most of the pain felt is caused by the chemical induced inflammation that the herniation causes. The epidurals help this inflammation to subside that is why you feel better. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know if inflammation means healing or not, but I was always under the idea that inflammation was fluid building up around a weakened or injured area to protect it. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for your thoughts. One thing I have noticed about those who have mentioned having had Sciatica and the like and also having had it go away eventually is that they have all kinds of different advice. So it looks like there is no one cure it all, but very different things that have helped. Some folks said laying down and staying still helped, while others said that being... (10 replies)
... t one specific ailment. People tend to call pain that runs down the buttocks into the back of the leg "sciatica." This may be correct if the pain comes from an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, but these symptoms can also be the result of other nerve issues that may or may not even involve the sciatic nerve. ... (10 replies)
... Afraid I don't understand not wanting the prednisone. It is great for reducing inflammation which you probably have from all the trauma. ... (16 replies)
... You should have another MRI done....if inflammation is a problem, the shots might help temporarily. Finally, after suffering for years with low back pain and thigh pain, I was found to have SI joint inflammation. ... (20 replies)

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