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... Hi everybody.I have been diagnosed with severe thorasic spinal stenosis, nerve root damage stroke and blood clot. I honestly do not understand what any of this means. ... (2 replies)
... Spinal Stenosis is a tube that runs through your spine and all the nerves in your body run through that tube. ... (2 replies)
... with different pain up higher in the thorasic area. After the GP looked at all of my consult notes from my Neuro they recommended Pain Management. Also the prescribed percocet 7. ... (7 replies)

Thorasic Question
Jan 19, 2005
... Hi Willis and welcome to the board, :wave: Your problems sound almost like mine.I went to the doctor with complains of back pain and pain going down my arm and around to my chest. Also low back pain. I had tripple bypass heart surgery in May of 2000 so docs wanted to make sure my heart wasn't acting up so we did a battery of tests. All were negitive.I had an MRI of the... (21 replies)
... Hi Carole.. welcome to the boards. You will get a much greater response by posting on the spine disorders board. This is mainly spineys with lumbar and some thorasic. The other is more dedicated to cervical issues. All the best to you. :wave: (1 replies)
Neck pain
Feb 9, 2004
... Hi, my last MRI was back in '01 it was both cervical and thorasic. And had a Lumbar that day as well. It showed hydration diminished in the mid thorasic area, facet joint disease cervical and thorasic as well as lumbar. ... (13 replies)
Mar 24, 2005
... It's me weighing in again. Yes, it is possible to have Thorasic issues and not realize that the Thorasic area is the cause of the pain. ... (9 replies)
... d he didn't even want to LOOK at my thigh. Talked about the back injury and again, he was dismissive. He DID say it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an MRI of the thorasic spine because MS lesions can be occur there. So I left with the MRI prescription and not a lot of answers. ... (4 replies)
... C6 borderline stenosis and levoconvex curvature thoracic spine. ... (18 replies)
... s1 result in mild canal and foraminal stenosis without definite impingement. ... (17 replies)
Nothing works
Sep 17, 2006
... Hi and welcome to the board. Spinal stenosis is not a cop out label at all. ... (6 replies)
... others like me out there with pain in the thoracic area! All I ever find on line is info on lumbar and cervical area. I have already been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and Degenerative Disc Desease in the lumbar area along with a disc tear at S1. ... (37 replies)
Help please
Jul 12, 2012
... nuclear contaiment. multilevel discogenic syndrome. spinal stenosis of thoracic and lumbar. ... (1 replies)
... t show very will. Also you may want to take the time to do a google search for something called a dermatone chart. It shows where those disks in your cervical, thorasic and lumbar spine have a tendancy to radiate pain to. I was dumbfounded by how far some of those actually go. ... (6 replies)
... do also have other issues going on, it wouldn't hurt for them to just do the full spinal at this point. just how long ago was the MRI done that found the c and L stenosis and were there ANY other findings? ... (1 replies)
Back Pain
Jun 19, 2008
... WoW tincan , you have some bad luck there . Wait until you get the CT. if there is anything wrong due to the accident get an attorney . If the other person caused problems their insurance should be liable.. Bills / pain and suffering .. Good luck , and wear your seatbelt .;) (4 replies)
Back Pain
Jun 19, 2008
... Hi all, I haven't been on the board in a while. My back problems go back 30 years. I have 4 lumbar surgeries and 1 cervical surgery. I just had a laminectomy at L4-5 on March 4th. On May 23rd I was involved in an auto accident. I was hit at about 30 to 35 mph in the drivers side front. I went to the E.R.. They did an mri of my neck and films of my lumbar to make sure the... (4 replies)
... Hi. I can relate to all of the above. My doctor is under investigation for fraud and taking kickbacks. He cared more about lining his pockets than he did about his patients. I agree with you and taking it day by day is right. I can't do much of anything anymore. I have serious nerve damage from all the manipulation and I have trouble severely just trying to pick up my new... (15 replies)
... HER cell phone and told me to get my but to philadelphia drs.she said I was a train wreck,so i went to a well knowed reumy and he found severe spinal stenosis of thorasic and cervical spine,nerve root damage bulging disc osteosporosis spondylosis,every time i go back he gives me another disease,Iam due in april,what next? ... (22 replies)
... Mary, my heart and prayers go out to you...Welcome to the board! You will easily find that everyone is here to help and support you. I pray that you will find answers and "pain relief" soon. Please keep us all updated! (2 replies)

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