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... Hello Oddie, I have a bulging disc too. Mine is at L4. I have also had a fusion at L5-S1. So I try to keep an eye on L4 because the levels above and below a fusion have alot more stress put on them because of the fusion. You did not say what level it is at and if you have been to a spine specialist. I am in no way an expert on this. I can only tell you what has happened to... (2 replies)
... Hello Benny 6057 :wave: I had my fusion in 2003. It was L5-S1 with hardware. I used my own bone. I just had a ACDF on C5-6, C6-7 and I used my own bone too. The reason I used my own bone was I do not trust these bone banks. They just had a big arrest up in New York city with funeral directors selling corpses bones and other body parts for profit!! They were not even testing... (15 replies)
CT Scan
Sep 8, 2006
... Hello Ivanovic, I welcome you to this board. This is a wonderful place to find out how others who have the same problems as you are dealing with them. In your post you did not indicate where your pain is located and how bad is your pain. The one thing I can tell you and there is a post for this is if you see a Doctor make sure he is a spine specialist. Make sure whether he is... (1 replies)

Type of bed?
Aug 2, 2006
... Hello,:wave: I have a Simmons Calista it has the memory foam on top. It also has individual springs called pocket spring coils. I love my bed and I sleep good. I would buy another one if I had too, only I would get the one with the thicker memory foam on it. I hope you have a blessed day :angel: TINCAN LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 DISCTECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE FBSS ... (6 replies)
... I have cervicle and Thorasic disk issues as well as moderate stenosis. I am jsut wondering if anyone has these symptoms and if they do what did they do. ... (15 replies)
Back Pain
Mar 29, 2006
... Hello, :wave: I have a question. I have had 3 back surgeries. The last being a fusion at L5-S1 with hardware. I have a bulge in L4. Lately I have had extreme pain at the inscision site (my last surgery was 3 yrs. ago).My hips on both sides have been extemely painful. My left leg on the back side is aching. My thighs have been aching. Now here is the weird part. Lately I have... (0 replies)
... D.LYNN, I am sorry you have to go thru this. I know this is a bummer I have been suffering for 15 years. But on to your question about the artificial disk. All I can tell you is that I asked my ortho spine specialist about the art. disk and he said that when he went to a conference about it he told them his opinion and it is this; That sooner or later you will need a fusion... (45 replies)
... TroyM32, Hello my first back surgery was a lumbar laminectomy on L5-S1. I knew right when I woke up out of surgery that I was better. My left leg did not hurt anymore. I was up and moving the very next day. The best excersise is walk walk walk!!!!! That surgery lasted eight years and then I reherniated it. The best advice I can give you is DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID EVEN IF YOU... (15 replies)
... Mel, I had a fusion on L5-S1 with hardaware about 4 years ago. I am sorry to hear about your pain. I was some better after my fusion. My ortho doc who is a spine specialist told me going in that if I was lucky they could relieve about 50% of my pain. I think they hit about 20%. The main thing they said was to stabilize my spine. Well the first two years were ok, but the last... (10 replies)
... Hello I also have groin pain in my left testicle. This is because of a ligament in my back that is irritated because of my back problems. Before I had my 2nd back surgery (a disctectomy of L5-S1) I went to a urologist because of the pain in my left testicle. He could find nothing wrong. When I went in for my 3rd back surgery (fusion of L5-S1 with hardware) I asked the... (7 replies)
... Brian, What the doc's said is true that when that nerve woke up its mad as hell and its irritated. I would give it a while longer and if you do not get any relief I would go back to the doc. You also have to understand what it took for them (the doc's) to get to the disk. They had to cut the muscle and ligaments and that area is going to be very sore and ach alot. I have had... (20 replies)
... Hello Lockerbie, Welcome to the boards!! You will find a wealth of info here. I am curious. Who was it that told you that you was not a surgery candidate. I am not pushing surgery, because I wish I was not operated on the first time( I have had 3 back surgeries). Was this doc a spine surgeon(either a neurosurgeon or an orthopediac spine surgeon). If you read alot of... (8 replies)
... Hello there, I hope that your surgery goes well! I welcome you to this board. There if a wealth of information here. So ask any question that you would like(remember the only stupid question is the one that is not asked!!) You did not say what kind of surgery you are going to have. Is it going to be a fusion? I have had a fusion. Mine was on L5-S1. One thing I did... (10 replies)
... Hello, I had the same thing after my second back surgery. It was a diskectomy and it looked like I had a softball under my insicision. I went back to the doc and he looked at it and poked on it and made sure I did not have an infection. It was nothing, just worried me some. If you have any reservations about how it looks I would go back to the doc. I hope you feel... (5 replies)
Disk Removal
Oct 7, 2005
... I had a fusion at L5-S1 3.5 years ago. I was told by my spinal specialists that the disk will be totally taken out. Then the rods and screws would be inserted and the area fused. I hope you get to the bottom of this. I never heard of them leaving part of the disk in! TINCAN LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 DISCTECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE BONE SPURS MEGA SCAR TISSUE DDD UP... (6 replies)
... MDA Hello I have had all the tests known except a discogram. The best is probably a ct mylegram. If the pain is down his legs then he probably has nerves that are being pushed on by a disk. Has he ever had any back surgery? If he has it could be scar tissue hitting the nerves. The kind of doc I recomend is a ortho or a neurosurgeon who has a spine fellowship and all he... (5 replies)
... BobiM I had a fusion on L5-S1 with instrumentation. I had this done about 3 and half years ago. I think I began to fuse a little at 6 weeks and it took about 1 year or more to fully fuse. I hope that this fusion helps your son. My fusion was my 3rd surgery. TINCAN DISKTECTOMY L5-S1 LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE BONE SPURS MEGA SCAR TISSUE DDD UP TO... (13 replies)
... Hello, I agree with valley. Why did they use staples? My guess is that it easy to do and does not take up as much time than sutures. When I had my fusion the doc used sutures on the inside and glue on the outside. As for the pain it will sting a little.( had staples on my second back surgery) TINCAN LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 DISKTECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE BONE... (3 replies)
... Hello jaydar, I too suffer from extreme hip pain and groin pain. Mine is on my left side. I was told by my ortho spine specialist that there is a ligament in your back that causes this pain. Right now my pain is a screaming 9. I am on pain medication from my pain management doc. I too will not take the shots because they do not help me. My pain doc did say that he could... (15 replies)
... Hello, I had a total collapse of the L5-S1 area. I was in terrible pain so my ortho spine specialist said I needed a fusion to stabilize my spine and give me some pain relief. You need to make sure your doc is a spine specialist(only does spines). If not you need to take your results to a spine specialist. I guess alot of it depends on how much pain you are in and how much... (10 replies)

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