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... Dodger13, Hello I know a little bit what you are going thru. I was put out on disability after 19 years on the job because of my back. One thing you did not mention was are you a lifer in the air force or are you planning on getting out. If you are planning on getting out make sure you get a copy of all your medical records. You will get and you are entitled to a disability... (6 replies)
Myelogram question
Jul 28, 2005
... fishinjim A myelogram is when a neurosurgeon injects dye in your spinal canal. You are laying on a special x-ray table. You lay on your side an the doc injects the dye in. After he gets the dye in, the x-ray tech lays you on your belly and they tilt the table up. Then they start to take x-rays of your back. They might also do a ct scan of your back too. This is what they done... (4 replies)
... CAROLinNC I have been where you are. I has a neurosurgeon who did a disktectomy on me who had the personality of a floor! I have noticed that the ortho doc's are a bit more friendly than the neuro guy's. TINCAN LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 DISKTECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE BONE SPURS MEGA SCAR TISSUE DDD UP TO THORASIC AREA STENOSIS (27 replies)

... Hi I agree with Quietcook, if you are not comfortable with the surgery don't do it. I once asked my ortho spine doc (all he does is spines) about the ADR. He said that in the long run it will still give out or wear out and you will still need a fusion. He did not give me a time frame on how long it lasts. So the choice is up to you on which route you want to travel. I hope... (5 replies)
... Hello galpster Well you never said if you ever had any prior back surgeries. I had two before my L5-S1 fusion with hardware, so I pretty much knew the drill(how to turn and how to get yourself up). The one thing I can tell you is that make sure that they turn you within 24 hours after your surgery if you are allowed to. They did not turn me and then they came in and asked if... (9 replies)
... Hello Harmony5 When I was told I needed a fusion it was because of two failed back surgeries. I was having pain in my hips and my left groin and my left leg and the four toes on my right foot were numb. My spine had become unstable and was rocking as the doc's called it. My ortho spine surgeon told me that a fusion was the last resort. I went to pain management, walked and... (5 replies)
... Hello Shawley For me a mylegram was a piece of cake all I felt was a little where they numbed the site and after that pressure of them putting the dye in. But it is what can happen after that I worried about. I got one heck of a post mylegram headache and was hospitalized for two days. They had me drugged up and had to give me two blood patches.( blood patches are like stop... (7 replies)
... Hello Stevendxo :wave: I had a fusion at L5-S1. It was the 3rd back surgery I had. You did not state if this was your 1st surgery. My first was a laminectomy of L5-S1. My second was a discectomy of L5-S1. My 3rd was a fusion with hardware on L5-S1 because my spine had become too instable. My fusion was a posterior and I was in the hospital 4 days. Now I have an 8 inch scar... (18 replies)
It's so hopeless!
May 24, 2005
... Hey Karen :wave: Sorry to hear that your DH is having a rough time. Something I take to help me with my bowel movements is I take 5 equate (walmart brand) fiber pills daily. They are the same as the metamucil brand. I take them for two reasons 1-I have IBS and 2-the amount of pain meds I take it helps me from being stopped up because pain meds will do that to you! I had a... (8 replies)
... Hello :wave: jayboy557 If I were you I would get the advise of a ortho spine doc or a neurosurgeon with a spine fellowship. You are the only one who knows how much pain you are in. If you let this go with the nerve inpingement for very long it could really mess you up. I know a guy who let his go too long and he has one leg that looks like a toothpick while the other looks... (2 replies)
... Hello :wave: I agree with quietcook get into see a doc with a spine fellowship. You want someone that does only spines day in and day out. I can't tell you how important that is. If you get in with the right doc's I gaurantee (I hope that is how you spell it)they will find out what is wrong with you! Do not give up! I hope everything gets better for you and I hope you have... (12 replies)
... Hello :wave: ktroth I agree with everyone else time to stop the chriopractor and see a specialist. JILLB you said that your husband sees an orth doc. I don't want to sound like a know it all but everyone listen DO NOT LET JUST ANY DOCTOR OPERATE ON YOUR BACK! MAKE SURE THEY THE: ORTHO DOC OR THE NEUROSURGEON HAVE A SPINE FELLOWSHIP AND THAT IS ALL THEY DO IS SPINES! FROM... (6 replies)
What can be done
May 17, 2005
... Hello :wave: SPIL, If I was you I would seek the services of a neurosurgeon or an ortho spine surgeon with a spine fellowship. I had the same symptoms as you but my was the result of two failed back surgeries on the same disk L5-S1 and it finally wore out and my spine became unstable so they had to fuse me with screws and rods. You really need to check this out because this... (3 replies)
... Hello :wave: Diva is right as is whackedback everything you describe in your posts are classic symptoms of depression. I am on 2 anti-depressants and it helps me alot. You must fight this on a physical level and a mental level. My problem was I was depressed because of the pain and the fact that I use to be pretty active and can't do the things I used to do. But you can... (8 replies)
... Hello :wave: Diva 78 I am sorry about everything you are going thru. It just makes me so mad when doctors do stuff like that. You know out of all I have been thru the discogram is the test I most fear. When my ortho spine doc and I was discussing my fusion I asked him if I needed to have a discogram and he said no. So I was wondering what is the purpose of this test and why... (16 replies)
... Hello :wave: Welcome to the board! There is a bunch of good people here. People you can laugh with and cry with and people who you can vent your frustrations to.(and we all need to do that every once in a while) My wife has 2 buldging disks at L4 and L5. She did physical therapy and pain meds and muscle relaxers and it got her to the point where she could move again. But... (7 replies)
... Tincan, Why do you have to accept pain the rest of your life? I have the 10 level fusion, had severe stenosis, spondy, and more things than you listed. Yes, my fusion takes in part of the Thorasic, all the lumbar and through S-3. I don't have to deal with ton's of scar tissue as my doc always uses the Adcon-L to ensure inhibition of massive internal scar tissue and... (2 replies)
... Hello :wave: Well I got good news today. I went to see my ortho spine doc and he said that the fusion did take and the screws and rods are where they are suppose to be. He also said that he would not recommend taking the hardware out. He said that he was afraid that if he did (and he said that if I wanted him to take them out he would)I would be back in 4 weeks and say that... (2 replies)
... Hello :wave: Just let them have the kind of back pain we have on a continuous bases and they will whine like a bunch of babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now that I got that out of my system I hope you feel better and the ADR works! I hope you have a blessed evening! TINCAN LAMINECTOMY L5-S1 DISKTECTOMY L5-S1 FUSION L5-S1 WITH HARDWARE BONE SPURS MEGA SCAR TISSUE... (31 replies)
... Hello :wave: Kari the L5-S1 laminectomy was my first back surgery. It lasted eight years and then L5-S1 ruptured out again. Then I had a microdiskectomy on it and that lasted maybe 3 months. I was employed in a job that required heavy and repetative lifting on and off. I started having problems right after I got back to work. Then I went to another neurosurgeon that a friend... (9 replies)

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