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... nd if an equally excellent job can be had with one surgery, I do not need to endure the anesthia and risks involved with two surgeries versus one and the healing of two incisions instead of one. ... (7 replies)
... Hi there again. I have been searching around for that other type of fusion that you mentioned above Quietcook, the "Dynesys flexible fusion". That looks interesting!! I would probably do that. ... (7 replies)
... he has stated this. I agreed to this prior to my surgery. I had Infuse without cages and the FDA has only approved Infuse with cages. I often wonder if my edema of my legs, feet and lumbar area is a result of the BMP. ... (42 replies)

... Hi.......I have so many different types of pain in my legs, feet, hips and lower back. ... (10 replies)
... First, welcome to the board. I hope you will find a group of caring people who will attempt to support you and answer your questions. ... (6 replies)
... months. He also told me I'd probably be in less pain after the fusion than I am in now? ... (0 replies)
... Tifferezz, Quietcook has given you excellent advice. As the previous posters stated, there are as many ways to accomplish the same results as there are surgeons. When we were getting multiple opinions before my 16 year old daughter had her fusion, we consulted with two other drs. Each agreed she needed a fusion, but each one would approach it differently. Since she was... (7 replies)
... Like being able to bend forward and twist and that kind of thing. So you were in another car accident before this past one and it broke your fusion? ... (7 replies)
... rologist. Because of the clinical trial and his specialized knowledge, it so happened that when my asthma went out of control again, he also diagnosed the cause of the attacks and sent recently published articles back to my primary care doc and asthma doc, recommending a new procedure which took me off of 5 asthma meds. ... (7 replies)
... Hi there.......oh the joy of having ten million ways of surgery thrown at huh? ... (7 replies)
... uch "bone on bone". Plus I have a slight bit of scoliosis in just my lumbar area of my spine and he said that he is scared to put an Artificial in there because of the scoliosis and thinks I might be in more pain if he did that than what I am in now. ... (7 replies)
... Awww, thank ALL of you very much for your responses!! Trust me, whenever I have different things done or have questions, I always come here. Definitely very helpful. ... (7 replies)
... I must say that I am a bit confused by your new herniation. In some types of fusions, the disc is left in place. Sometimes a portion of it will be removed, or it will be trimmed. ... (3 replies)
... eventually felt I couldn't get past a certain point because the pain was so bad. So, another trip to the surgeon, a ct scan to show that there was never a solid fusion formed. So I went in for another surgery. This surgery was a doozy... ... (17 replies)
... Welcome to the board. You've come to a good place to pick the brains of others who have already been where you are now. ... (6 replies)
... Certainly cannot imagine a true spine specialist being that far off the more advanced techniques, especially since BMP fusion is much stronger than bone alone. Would you share what his specific arguments against it are? ... (6 replies)
November Surgery's
Nov 18, 2003
... O'Girl did raise a very interesting question. I don't know if she realized it or not but she did basically answer some of it. ... (100 replies)
... Okay I finally figured it out. When my neuro said that I needed a two level fusion he never told me that their were different types of fusion's. Oh, I did research and learn of different instrumentation and of course different approaches meaning anterior, posterior and both, 360. ... (47 replies)
... S1 two level fusion in February 2007. ... (11 replies)
... Many docs believe that fusion adds stress to adjacent levels, although all doc's are not in agreement. Just if it is a proven, then why rush into a fusion that might cause other problems, especailly if you are not in horrific pain. ... (6 replies)

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