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... Outtolunch. Unfortunately we don't have an emg department in our hospital, the doctor comes about 1500 miles once a month. Its my understanding that he even brings the equipment. I'm not too sure! I live in a city with a severe dr. ... (15 replies)
... I have been having numbness and tingling from the knee down and after an EMG and a pressure test it was suggested it may be in my back. I finally got the results back and would like an honest opinion on the results. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much for responding back, I have only been to my family doctor who basically sent me to a Neurologist. Which I go Jan 17th. She put me on work restrictions and my work does not accomadate them . so now i am on medical leave. Basically I am not allowed to lift anything greater than 10lbs, no bending, sharp turns ,squatting, kneeling, no sitting or standing longer... (8 replies)

... Welcome to the boards, LadyBella, and I'm sorry to hear you're having such pain problems. Please know that you are in good company as far as dealing with chronic lumbar back pain. From looking at your MRI radiologist report, I think the most concerning issue isn't your back, but rather the fluid build up in the right side of your pelvis. This isn't normal and something is... (8 replies)
... Thank you injured betty for your reply, it was helpful and now I have an understanding of some of the words I wasn't sure about. ... (5 replies)
... remove patch immediately. Called doctor left message they finally returned my called 4 days later. went in for a office visit the doctor said he had a hard time understanding why the patch would cause me breathing problems. ... (10 replies)
... It didn't really help when he made the remark about not understanding why I can't walk on the heel of my left foot and then referred em to a neurologist to "make sure there's nothing we're missing. ... (8 replies)
... I have been to my comp doctor, 2 orthopedics, and a spine specialist, the latter has dismissed me after the EMG came back normal. I am currently fighting Workers Comp to get the epidural injections. ... (4 replies)
Lumbar fusion
Oct 16, 2003
... ated that disk, or any number of other things. Don't think fusion, yet. Go back to the doctor and start all over with the tests and treatments. Third, it is my understanding that the body will try to fuse painful disks. ... (1 replies)
... I require some help in understanding my MRI report and what it says in layman terms. ... (9 replies)
... t meds for the nerve pain. It really hasnt helped to much. I must say the nerve pain has went away some over the nerve pain meds. I may be wanting or expecting results asap. I want this to be over with. ... (4 replies)
... I also have a nerve conduction study and a EMG results showing problems with peripheral nerve and other problems .. but i need to go step by step in understanding this is a complex problem. My damaged back is the root cause of my condition thats why I want to start there. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for your thoughts, I just wanted to see if anyone knew which dermatones (nerves he might have tested in these areas) didn't know if it was high enough up to test the L3 nerve, must have been though. Now is the hard part, waiting to get the results, I've never been good at waiting. I know alot of this recovery is a waiting game, but just feeling so out of whack with... (7 replies)
... level. Anyway that's my understanding of your MRI. Believe me I've had like 15 or more of these. Also do you know if they used contrast dye with yours or not? ... (3 replies)
... Hi NapaMike, Maybe i may be of some help. As the last post, the hnp's are herniated disc's. Stenosis IS pinched nerves. I somehow injured myself back in 7/2000 and have been suffering the SAME EXACT symptoms you have described. I also had MRI's done which the reports are somewhat similar to yours, however i dont think mine were quite as bad as yours. I took my MRI films and... (10 replies)
... I have received the following mri report could someone assist me in understanding this report. I have had neck and back problems since about Sept 99 and getting worse. ... (10 replies)
... I would greatly appreciate your help in understanding the extent of the nerve root damage... ... (31 replies)
... She said I had already had a MRI and she felt I should be evaluated first and have an EMG. My dr. fought with her, and said he wanted a MRI first because the EMG could show something like an entrapped ulnar nerve, but it could all be coming from the neck. ... (6 replies)
... Well guys , here I sit and getting no tests today , don't know whether to be happy or sad. I wanted the results of the test terribly. ... (2 replies)
Total Frustration
Sep 23, 2005
... L5. I cannot drive, so there for I am house bound and OH how fun that is. All of the tests except for the EMG do not so anything conclusive. I do have two bulging discs, but no rupture is visible. ... (5 replies)

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