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... Thank you for your info. My PT told me that with the amount of bulging discs she sees how it could be the culprit of my pain. I was very upset when the neurologist told me "I do not know why you are here." Like there was no help for me. I am in tears, begging for someone to help me and no doctor seems to know what to do for me. I was trying to decide whether or not to... (3 replies)
... t people have bulging disks i don't if this is strictly true they are more common in people with back pain and even though some people with bulging disks have no back pain this doesn't mean they wont develope it in the future as disk disease will usually progress over time if not treated. ... (3 replies)
... one time the pain moved to the right of my shoulder blade but that went away. Now all that is left is this ongoing pain in the middle of my back that I cannot for the life of me locate. ... (3 replies)

... Hello, I suffer from a back problem where my neck is off center to the right and my spine is curved. ... (0 replies)
... foster, keep going to pt is good advice i think it some instances they know alot in some areas. I was told that i have forzen shoulder then i was told per MRI i have shoulder bursitis. ... (6 replies)
Uneven shoulders
Mar 26, 2009
... One of my many back problems is scoliosis, but at 67 I'm much older than you. For years I had the problem of my bra strap on the right always slipping off my shoulder. ... (6 replies)
... I would be willing to bet you have scoliosis. Have you had a complete series of back exrays? ... (20 replies)
Uneven shoulders
Mar 23, 2009
... It was brought to my attention yesterday when I was trying on a dress that my left shoulder was slightly lower then my right. ... (6 replies)
Back pain
Dec 10, 2007
... Scoliosis is diagnosed by a medical doctor by x-ray and physical examination. Symptoms may include pain, but not always. Torso deformities may be evident, such as one shoulder higher than the other or one hip higher than the other, or the rib cage becoming uneven -- one side over expanded and one side collapsing. These symptoms are generally present only once the condition... (3 replies)
... I am 27 years old, male and have had back pain in my life for the past 5 years or so. I sometimes wonder how can I be the way I am at a young age. ... (2 replies)
... all the way up the the right side of my neck under my ear. my lower back is generally achy. My back is the epitome of crackly. ... (17 replies)
... all the way up the the right side of my neck under my ear. my lower back is generally achy. My back is the epitome of crackly. ... (17 replies)
... I mean the muscles are hard as rocks and myshoulders are way uneven and stabbing pain and if I take a deep breath it hurts worse and can feell massive consrtiction around my chest. ... (12 replies)
... one in the lumbar and a neck tilt to the right. Was diagnosed by a chiro when I was a teenager, though looking back I probably had it when I was a lot younger. ... (10 replies)
... was a direct result of a bad landing off the Uneven Parallel Bars. ... (28 replies)
... timately affects the spine as this rotation has an effect on the pelvis, leading one hip to be carried higher than the other. Usually this leads to carrying one shoulder higher as well. You can imagine how this uneven posture has an effect on the discs and vertebrae after years of standing and walking. ... (1 replies)
... that is shorter than the other, when in reality it is because one hip is carried higher than the other. Following on up the spine, this rotation results in one shoulder being carried higher than the other, and usually, or at least, often, the head to carried too far forward. ... (9 replies)
... Good Morning All, We had a very good day yesterday, after lots of phone calls, and tiny little voices singing Happy Birthday NaNa(that's the best about getting older), we went to Brunch at ANOTHER Casino then went to a Rock and Gem show and walked alot, enjoyed the day as was beautiful, but walking on very uneven dirt most of day wrecked havoc on my back, killing me mostly... (190 replies)

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