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... just go on your life ignore any pain !! ... (2 replies)
... within a week, the pain was so bad that nobody could touch my back and I had to go to the ER. ... (2 replies)
Aug 14, 2010
... I'm only 36... I keep having this dull nagging achy pain around my shoulder blade and underarmpit and under upper arm area and some weird weakness on the right arm... I can do stuff and the hand grip test was normal but it feels WEIRD and uncomfortable. ... (0 replies)

... o. I have had back pain for almost 8 years. ... (1 replies)
... hi Mel,nice to see your still pluggin along.i too have horrid muscle wads that are actually stemming from my c spine inflammation and other assorted nastiness up in my c spine. ... (5 replies)
Muscle spasms
Mar 30, 2004
... Sing it back to yourself. It may all be related and may not be. Mine was in part, my husband's wasn't. Although he had herniated disks in his neck, and major pain from a pinched nerve, it was not coming from the disks, but from the facet joints. It was a coincidence that those disks were herniated. ... (7 replies)
... hing is,when the nerves are inflammed they will really piss off the the muscles and create trigger points,these are just little,sometimes not so little 'wads" of muscle and tissue. i have tons of these up in my c spine and upper back area all stemming from my inflammed messed up c spine. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, well... my upper back pain is back again badly. The pain feels more like bone pain rather than muscle pain... The pain is along the upper spine. No neck pain though. It comes and goes. But when the pain comes, it lasts very long. What could upper back pain be usually caused by? ... (3 replies)
... I have major swelling in my sacroilliac region in my back which just gets worse with any activity. I fell about a month ago and have since been diagnosed with DDD. ... (5 replies)
... You could always ask a Neurologist for an EMG. HUrts like He** but it could answer your question. (9 replies)
... y down, or even stand. It occurs almost right away and not after being in the same position for a long time. If I straighten my legs out it gets better but comes back quickly in the next position. Several times, I have had the feeling like chill bumps in my right calf area but I'm not cold. ... (9 replies)
Lower back pain
Dec 22, 2015
... I felt pain when sitting, but had no trouble walking, running, exercising. But in 2007 or 2008 back pain moved to left leg and i had huge trouble standing still, moving left leg was harder and harder, but there was less back pain. ... (4 replies)
... end me Thursday and I've had terrible neck , upper back and shoulder pain. ... (14 replies)
... iles to get home. I had a one level lumbar fusion almost 2 years ago. Any ways about a month and a half ago my entire leg was extremely tense and I had horrible pain when sitting. My brother is a massage therapist and he thought I had possible case of pirifomis syndrome. ... (1 replies)
... which has progressed into an awful, constant pain. Since then the pain seems to have spread to under the shoulder blade, and even towards my armpit. ... (8 replies)
... two days ago. I have slight pain at the incision sight, and my sciatic pain is nearly gone it seems. The rest of my body feels like I got hit by a bus. ... (6 replies)
... hi tlanser, i had a really really great suggestion for you to help with that hidious myo pain hell? ... (16 replies)
... My 14 yr old daughter has been experiencing back pain for approximately a year. She has been a cheerleader for 3 years, and pulled herself off the team because of the pain. She has had no actual trauma to the back. ... (3 replies)
... I didn't know it at the time but I had severe anterior pelvic tilt and when doing deadlifts everything seemed fine until few hours later I had really bad lower back pain. It's been 2 years and I'm still in pain pretty much everyday all day. ... (8 replies)
... I've been having upper back pain for a little over a month now, I don't even know how I got it, I just woke up one day with an aching pain across my upper back. ... (1 replies)

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