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... Hi Bpain, my upper back doesn't snap at all at this point in time. I just get a muscle that locks up with a slight pain and a pulling sensation if I try to move my head down or around. My pain is very minimal, it's more tightness. ... (7 replies)
... snap when turning your upper body? ... (7 replies)
... Who has been treating you for your injuries? Tingling in the face is a neurological symptom and your symptoms could be caused by your accidental injuries. Need an MRI to see what is going on in your neck especially since you were in a car accident. Need to verify if you have pinched nerve and/or herniated cervical disk. Neck pain can radiate upwards (causing headaches) and... (7 replies)

... pain since I was in a car accident last May. I also have bouts of facial and scalp tingling off and on. I was just wondering if it is possible for muscle tightness in my upper back and neck to cause this tingling sensation in my face. ... (7 replies)
... S1 Dec 2004 and consider it a success. I have had issues with my cervical spine. That took me out of work initially, not my back. but, my back was worse so we focused on that. I had a pinched nerve at the cervical level but after an ESI that has resolved. ... (5 replies)
... I have been having upper back pain that is not constant. It can however last for several minutes and then dissapear. Then it starts again not always in the same spot. ... (1 replies)
... I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what my neurosurgeon said today. I have a hump that recently developed on my upper back or lower neck area. I am also having a lot of pain in that area. ... (2 replies)
... Hi - I woke up Monday morning with my left upper back (trap muscle area) tight, like I slept wrong - it's where it hurts to turn your neck - here I am, 5 days later, and it's still tight!!! I have tried the logical things - advil, hot showers, moist heat, etc. - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! supermom3:( (1 replies)
... tightness in the left side of my upper back so I think it can't just be a coincidence that I'm having these other symptoms on the left side of my body. ... (2 replies)
... I have persistent sciatic and lower back pain that often reaches the point where it impairs the daily activities of an otherwise healthy young man. ... (0 replies)
... For about 4 or 5 days straight last week, I was experiencing some back pain. There was a sharp pain around my right shoulder blade that hurt whenever I moved a certain way or turned my neck to the right. ... (1 replies)
... hi Mel,nice to see your still pluggin along.i too have horrid muscle wads that are actually stemming from my c spine inflammation and other assorted nastiness up in my c spine. ... (5 replies)
... years. It is mostly my upper back, shoulders and neck that get extremely tight, sometimes muscle spasm, and sometimes cause extreme pain surges so bad that I can't move. ... (2 replies)
... twisting when working around the house or gardening, etc., but now I am trying to become more aware of it. I know what you mean about the muscle tightness in your upper that I'm not bending my lower back, and starting to do the exercises, my upper back is a little achy. ... (4 replies)
... such as Naproxen they are effective. All these meds can be got from a GP. Also muscle relaxants can be effective for spasms. ... (5 replies)
... night and is at its worst in the morning then starts to subside upon getting out of bed and moving around It feels like heartburn but its not Its like a horrible tightness and if I lean forward or backward it shoots down my spine. Also neck hurts and right arm has muscle weakness in forearm. ... (2 replies)
... Like Mel my sense is that it might be disc relaed but exasperated by tension and inflamation in and around the muscle and facet joints. Massage may assist to reduce the tightness. I often roll on a rolled up towel. Heat may also assist to relax the muscle. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone! I used to come on this board a while back about a back injury I sustained while I was on a roller coaster. ... (5 replies)
... I love Bikram yoga, the hot one because it really loosens tightness AND builds strength. I had some good results with Egoscue exercises. ... (4 replies)
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Aug 5, 2003
... I am in the process of getting an MRI, going to Pain Management, checking for muscle or joint diseases, and also Fibromyalgia. ... (3 replies)

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