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... that gave me extreme sciatic pain for months. My spine issue slowly 'healed' to a point where it's now manageable. However, over the past 8 months I've have had pain that changes almost daily. ... (11 replies)
... I get a little nervous when I can't find my tennis ball!!! I love the darn thing. I do lie on it, but only when lying in bed. I put it on a spot and just press on it and roll my muscle. I will move my arm around until the muscle "let's go" or gives up. ... (5 replies)
... I am no Doc but on that information alone I would zero in on an a vertebral thoracic articulation. All the diseases you were tested for would not disapear on lying in bed, and would not worsen on sitting. It is unfortunate that thoracic problems cause symptoms that mimic visceral conditions. ... (11 replies)

Neck and Back Help
Feb 25, 2010
... Your days sound very similar to mine.. I have a laptop tray that I use do computer work while lying in bed. I was a passenger in a car accident in July of 2006 and again in Nov of 2007. ... (4 replies)
... I cannot lie flat on my back, such as when I'm at the dentists, lying on the floor, lying in the bed without a pillow, I also cannot even recline back slightly without discomfort. ... (4 replies)
... Continue to have these symptoms when I walk, but now it seems I'm having them when I lie down in bed. I had to sleep in a sitting position last night because when I sit I don't have the pain. ... (15 replies)
... act problems with my back! I have had mine for almost 2 yrs now and no one has been able to figure out why or what is causing my pain, other than a slight curve in my upper back. ... (4 replies)
... So yesterday I actually woke up with this damn sensation. Just lying down it was pretty uncomfortable! ... (15 replies)
... My right hip has acted me on and off for twenty years. Pain in upper leg. I thought this was bursitis from gardening. I haven't been able to turn over in bed without shifting my butt a certain way for years either. Sitting down on certain chairs stiffens me up and makes my bottom ache. ... (5 replies)
... AM, on Janurary 22nd, A man ran a red light and hit me in the side of truck at 50, he was in a town car. The same day I was going to have the seat belt in my driver's side looked at because it was not working, so I did not have it on at the time...figures. ... (9 replies)
... side 'boney' area. Didn't seem like much, kept on doing the cycling, and even fit in one day of a three mile brisk walk outside in addition to the usual cycling... felt great. ... (4 replies)
... I'm probably just being a hypochondriac, but lately when ever I after being bent over my lower back complains, as if my spine doesn't want to straighten out. ... (2 replies)
... Yeah, fell off a ladder. 2001 wasn't my year so to speak. But that taught me to slow down. After surgery I was like in dream land because I felt so much better than before surgery. Initial reports, my back faired okay, but it slowed the healing process. ... (9 replies)
... I also have a dull but constant throbbing pain in or above my S1 it feels like its super angry at me. I tend to blame it on lying in bed on my back for too long but maybe you have a more insightful expalanation for me. ... (8 replies)
... Hi I'm new here. I usually hang out in the Lyme Disease room. ... (5 replies)
... I did mean to say bone spurs. Doc says the only thing you can do for those is cut them out. He said he could do that IF I have the fusion. He said he would go in from the front and could use donor bone. I guess it's up to the patient if they want donor or their own bone. Was your fusion done from the front or back? ... (5 replies)
... minutes three times per day, and not doing much else. It sounds like you are doing more and cutting back should help your discomfort. ... (11 replies)
... stating that they are a great diagnostic tool for showing any osteporosis, degenerative discs, or growths on my spine. The result was that I had "mild" kyphosis in my thoracic back but the spine alignment was normal. ... (5 replies)
... For your calcium issue, if it is still a problem, you might look into your magnesium levels. Lack of magnesium will cause calcium to deposit in your joints and other areas. Sometimes people can get rid of arthritic type symptoms, or what you describe as your original problem, just by supplementing mag. ... (8 replies)
Posting For Wife
Sep 1, 2003
... She's been having back problems for several years, to a minor degree, but much worse since April. ... (13 replies)

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