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... trying to keep it at a minimum since it is highly addictive and I dont want for it to get out of control. Im not quite as sore today. He did tell me I would be sore for a few days. Its tolerable. ... (130 replies)
... MKA, Oh I wish somebody would find out something,maybe it would give the rest of us a clue. My gosh I tried going without pain meds & muscle relaxer yesturday evening, never took anything in afternoon, determined to go with out it, talk about pain, laid in bed & slept.My chest/ribs,arm/shoulder & upper back& neck were killing me,could not believe the pain come on that bad not... (130 replies)
... I'm not sure where to begin this, so many little things clumped together and I want to cover as much of it as I can. I guess I'll start at the beginning with my upper back, or rather my sides around my upper back. ... (2 replies)

... ing crazy though. I modify A LOT of things now. My only problem right now is these leg cramps, especially in the leg where I wear a heel lift. I have worn a heel lift for 3 weeks and every single night I wake up with shin cramps or foot cramps that are so strong I panic. I have been doing EVERYTHING.. ... (21 replies)
... Well about 2 years ago i started getting minor back pains, i assume this was from my posture as i slouched all throughout highschool. ... (5 replies)
... but I started noticing that the twisting, knotting pain comes when I lift my arm either straight out like a T, or if my arms are above my head. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 20 year old female and have had back pain for around five years. ... (2 replies)
... I have had a dull ache in my lower left ribs and a really sore and tender spot which feels like a mass or something dislodged. However, I cannot remember ever having an injury or painful move or anything. ... (0 replies)
... I will start at the start when I first started getting terriable headaches and a very stiff neck and upper back 7 years ago at only 23. Back then I seen a neurologist and he orderd a mri of my cervical spine which only showed some narrowing of the spinal cavity. ... (6 replies)
... t will have a relatively uneventful stay from here on in, it is very individual. Every hour you need to be moved from laying on your right side to laying on your back to laying on your left side. This occurs for the duration of the hospital stay and indeed should be adhered to on leaving hopsital. ... (134 replies)
... I've had lower back pain for about 14 mo. ... (4 replies)
... upper back thatmy physio has told me it is the joint that supports T7 and T8. It has been gradually getting worse and feels sore and stiff most of the time now. ... (5 replies)
... in my MRI went completely across the length of my spinal canal it was HUGE, and that was like that for another 4 months or so prior to 2nd surgery. Plus, I had 2 back surgeries in 5 months too. Everyone told me recovery from the 2nd one would be hard as the other surgery was so recent too. ... (10 replies)
... I was in a wreck back in May. Had stiffness and pain at the site of the wreck. ... (6 replies)
... y am an overeater and mostly always have been. I've tried many times to lose weight and was successful several times at taking off a lot of weight only to put it back on again. It's so discouraging. If you had that much trouble supporting your body after surgery, I can imagine that I'd have lots more trouble than that yet. ... (14 replies)
... thought that was meaning front and back. My discs were removed from the front and two cages with BMP in the L5S1, but there wasn't enough room for cages in the upper level so I had donor bone with BMP. Then two rods and screws put in from the back. Did you say if you were having BMP? ... (28 replies)
... In mid May, my neck had felt overly tense ... sore neck muscles, etc. I got a massage and felt better for a few hours, then back to the same by that night. 3 days later, my right thumb went numb. Then the inside of my wrist was numb. The area between my wrist and elbow is fine. ... (4 replies)
... Went through PT and Orthodics, and never had persistent back pain until 2 years ago. ... (3 replies)
... Weight can cause alot of back problems to be far worse. I mean, weight can cause an otherwise "healthy" spine to take it's tole and hurt. ... (14 replies)
... I'ts not always this bad. I did do a lot of activity today, so it's flared up. My whole spine feels kinda sore from bouncing in the boat. Got an ice pack on it. And doing some arm stretches. Do you find arm stretches seem to help? ... (2 replies)

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