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... in addition, there reason the doctor said there were no surgical option was that there was no nerve or spinal canal impingement and that he was not aware of any surgical options for torn discs (though I have read many potential surgical solutions on the web, maybe there were none that he believed had been proven successful) (6 replies)
... I was reading on the Web about the recovery time of this type of surgery and was shocked to see that some people actually went back to work after 6 weeks. ... (6 replies)
... I saw name of "le Docteur" on their web page and assumed the same thing, that presumably Dr. Woodard would only take on a similarly competent associate. He was the one who did your last surgery then? ... (11 replies)

... I recently located a web site - posting rules prohibit specifics - where a Dr in New Jersey performs ozone injections on damaged discs. If you search "ozone injections" on this site, you will find ozone therapy is used for other conditions. Any comments out there? (0 replies)
... cheryl, I was just thinking maybe it's your SI joint, however your symptoms don't exactly fit that either. Maybe you can mention it to your doctor anyways. I read somewhere that SI joint dysfunction is very common within the first five years after spinal lumbar fusion. Not sure if you had lumbar done though? I have SI joint problems, and they started about two years after my... (23 replies)
... I know desiccation means the disc is dried out. You should be able to look the terms up on web md for their definitions. ... (5 replies)
... hi I have just received my mri result and have tried to find out through searching the web about certain things in the mri findings but i'm still confused and would like to ask for advice from anyone here if they could explain it to me it would be most appreciated and thanks for your time for reading my post . this is the complete report clinical history tingling in a... (2 replies)
... It can't hurt to give it a try, and if you search the web for devils claw back pain you'll see quite a few references that suggest it does indeed help. ... (2 replies)
... I happened to tune in to the Dr Oz show that weekend. He was touting the benefits of "Devils Claw" for back pain. I did some reading on the web and found there was indeed some evidence to suggest it was nearly as effective as Celebrex for inflammation. No real side effects, either. ... (2 replies)
... So my EMG revealed that I have nerve damage, and yet we dont know the extent of the did THIS happen?? :/ Disk degenerative disease.. and my arthritis has spread. and L3, L4, & L5 problems? The numbness is spreading, and walking is becoming more and more unbearable! the pain has now spread down into my right ankle which makes it impossible for me to walk now, and my... (11 replies)
... I got an HIV test a few days ago, and tested negative, but that was only 16 days after the stupid mistake I made had been done. Everyone on here and on the web says at least 3 months to know for sure. ... (14 replies)
... Hi I am new to the board and I have started looking for "others" going through or have gone through what I have been going through for years! ugh I am on the verge of giving up hope.. but my son and husband have obviously advised me NOT to, and to them I owe that much. BUT I am NOT having ANY luck, and either with doctors! I am in CONSTANT pain 24/7, and this is NO life to... (11 replies)
... Me again! something went haywire on my last post a few minutes ago, try again. You have had EMGs but I am not sure if you have had a recent nerve conduction test. With an EMG you can be looking at long previous damages which might be not that relevant. With conduction it will tell you if it conducting now. If an area such as the head of the fibula is at fault then it can be... (14 replies)
... ey outgrowths of the fibular head can cause loss of conductivity. Until decompressed it will stay unconductable. One other cause which I found when searching the web was a hypomobile head of fibula, but most likely your PT would have noted this. ... (14 replies)
... and slight tingling. However, I am looking at my MRI, I am not a health professional just impatient, and I can't seem to see anything obvious. From searching the web for MRI images of herniated discs I figured it would stick out like a sore thumb on an my MRI if it was in fact a herniated disc causing my symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... There is a group for SIJD on a popular social networking web site where SI joint fusions are discussed quite a bit, but I can't give you the name due to board rules. ... (19 replies)
... o do the second if you cannot correct yourself. Seek out "manual correction of acute lumber lateral shift". There is almost certainly a video showing this on the web somewhere. ... (4 replies)
... Wow. I can't believe they gave you the tissue they removed! I have the pedicle screws from my first fusion, but they had been cleaned and sterilized and looked like new! WEB MD is the sister website to this forum. You could begin by reading up on fusion there...Rules prohibit naming other websites so you'll just have to use your judgment when evaluating various sites. ... (6 replies)
... itary facility for the procedure. The Surgeon performed the procedure that uses about a 2 inch incision. He did not use the expanding tubes that are on several web sites. He did not feel it provided him the necessary surgical field. ... (0 replies)
... @ helminj1 I am so happy to find all of this information on the web. I have only known about this condition for 10 years. I started complaining about the pain at age 12 and was told numerous times it was due to weight. Well in adulthood the pain condition continued even when I had a healthy weight. Now I am 29 years old and have seen more than a handful of surgeons (ortho and... (5 replies)

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