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... Thanks Brenwill , you made me feel alittle better , my Dr. wanted me to have the xray because I was hering that crunching in my back with pain when I moved in my sleep,, I figured it was soft tissue or somthing not serouis ,.. ... (3 replies)
... To Elaine & Donna: I now am having throat compression and I've been doing nothing but cry for days. This is all because that first doctor pushed me into physical therapy too soon, the fusion shifted (as it was NOT fused and the xray people and the doctor misread the xray, stating it WAS fused) and all the vertebre above it collasped. I am so devastated; the thought of... (14 replies)
... I am hoping someone smart can interpret this for me into words that make sense.. normal words not doctor words! It is the radiology diagnostics report (the printout, I guess where the Doctor interpreted my MRI) i have no idea what it means besides some of my vertabra have fractures. the MRI was of my thoracic spine, which we found out had a fracture I believe. what I dont... (2 replies)

... Good Mornin, I just wanted to give my 6 week report and see what ya all think....Well,first off we took a xray and dr. says looks like i am starting to have a little bone growth...says there is some wispy looking like...thats how he described it....wispy.... ... (3 replies)
... Good morning all! Cant believe that I slept all night with no drugs - my body must be in shock :confused: Talking about PT, my therapist treated me for 6 weeks and didn't realize I had a grade 2 spondy - he saw the incomplete MRI report (didn't note the spondy, just a broad based bulge); didn't request the xray report that noted the slip (the doctors office who did the... (190 replies)
... Have you seen the actual x-ray? If you have the area your son had his surgery do you see the screws? if so, do you see much whiteness in the area of the screws? if you do, this is the fusion starting. I had my surgery February 25th, I got home from the hospital March 5th and had a fall as soon as I got inside the apartment. Told my surgeon about it, he said as long as I... (16 replies)
... When he was there 6 weeks post op with the xrays, his surgeon said it was too early to tell when I asked him. The xray report now says the same thing it did at 6 week post op. Maybe they don't use the words bone formation. ... (16 replies)
... or xrays. These reports are quite detailed, and the radiologist will specifically say whether certain things have been found. For example, my xray report for the lateral and oblique views says "No lithesis. No spondylolysis. ... (185 replies)
... I would approach this “news” slightly differently. Without a MRI you have no idea the extent of the issues mentioned in the X-ray report, nor or you learning about anything other than the bones of the neck. You need a MRI to see soft tissue, etc. Not everyone who has neck pain needs an MRI! However, only you can determine the extent of your pain and whether the condition... (3 replies)
... I liked him. He explained things well and really explained why he would go from the front and back. According to there Xray report that was posted a little bit ago I have disc space narrowing from l3-s1. I knew about the l5-s1 but not all 3 levels. I (38 replies)
... The X-RAY states Bilateral pars defects at L5 level. (7 replies)
... Since I didn't see the MRI and the report doesn't mention if there is a pars defect that caused the spondylolisthesis, what I am about to say may not apply to you... ... (7 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I am surprised you only have pain in the left leg, that it only goes as far as the knee and that you only have a "dull" pain. Your symptoms are coming from what is called a spondylolisthesis. This is where the vertebra slips over the top of the adjacent vertebra. On imaging of a normal spine, the edge of the bones (vertebrae) line up...but with a... (7 replies)
... Is this report from a chiropractor? ... (3 replies)
Sacralisation L5
Aug 7, 2013
... I have a problem me civier back bone pain since a month. According to my Xray report and an ortho surgeons diagnosis is scaralisation L5. ... (1 replies)
Sacralisation L5
Aug 7, 2013
... I am in India,52 yrs, works in mechanical engineering construction industry, civier back bone pain since a month, according to Xray report and ortho surgeon, scaralisation L5. ... (1 replies)
... What is going on in the lumbar spine is also an indication of the beginnings of what many doctors refer to as spinal arthritis. The there is marked sclerosis at the L5 vertebral body and at the endplate at S1. There is marked narrowing at the L5-S1 disk space. Sclerosis is a build-up of calcium that builds up in areas of stress...this is an early stage of... (2 replies)
... Basically, the report indicates degenerative changes. ... (3 replies)
... MY" physiatrists told me there is nothing more she can do for me and to return to Emory when she saw the XRay report with the broken screws. ... (11 replies)
SI Joint Pain
Apr 27, 2012
... When I asked her about the xray report from Emory, she said...twice... ... (25 replies)

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