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... and had an xray of spine. My back was hurting and was prescribed Flexaril. The next day my neck started hurting. ... (2 replies)
... Here's my opinion. Go to the dr. Get an updated MRI if you need. I was in the same boat for the past 7 years. I had gastric bypass in 2002 and lost 165 pounds. I thought my back pain would get better with the weight loss. It got worse. I did the injections and nerve block. It only helped short term. I did Therapy three or four times. I did the DRX machine and... (17 replies)
... I don't know if this is your case, but I know that prior to having my fusion my spine was "instable" and I was told that was the cause of the pain (I think some of it was from the slipped discs that were rubbing against each other, for me. The fusion, which is what would stablize everything, would hopfully easy up on the pain. Once the fusion failed, I was once again... (7 replies)

... dn't suggest what was causing my pain..... I am kind of discouraged,....have an appt. with my pain mgmt. dr. next Fri., he's a good guy, so he will have Dr. N's report and copy of the mri's then. ... (16 replies)
... I recently started experiencing lower back pain and noticed a hard golf ball size lump on my lower spine. The dr ordered a lumbar spine xray I was diagnosed with Spondylolysis and Grade I Spondylolthesis. ... (11 replies)
... therapy.I know the report says no spinal stenosis and the spinal cord is normal in size, shape and intensity. It mentions that all facet joints are intact. ... (2 replies)
... fusion. Interestingly, the hospital report says by looking at my xrays across time, it is clear that the bone fusion that was put down 'posterolateral' become resorbed and was nearly completely gone! ... (3 replies)
... confirmed by xray when 18 years old. I have from time to time had serious back pains but never pain in my legs. ... (44 replies)
No change??????
Jan 29, 2006
... ly even get on computer and i miss talking to all of you i have never in my life been depressed!!!!!! but i cant seem to even function does anyone understand his report why a false positive? ... (9 replies)
... ook at, he said what, i said this discography and ct. i said im not being treated by other doctors but i want to get other opinions. he looked at the discography report and the discography photos but did not look at the cat scan that i told him about 3 times during the visit. he says well you are always going to have some pain. ... (2 replies)
Thoracic Back pain
Dec 18, 2005
... Hi , not sure if any of you guys are still following this post, but would love to hear from you all. I have tried doing research without much luck on the thoracic region. Anyway I recently had a full spine xray done as I had been getting pins and needles ( numbness ) in my hands and feet along with chest pains etc. I have had what I would call a bad back for years, but just... (81 replies)
... >> Thank you so much for your kind words. He only had an MRI this time and not an xray. I have no idea how to read an MRI. The surgeon said that he should begin fusing in 3 months. We'll have a better handle on this on Monday when we go back to him. Bobi (16 replies)
... I just e-mailed our local "Spine Clinic" asking for an appointment. I am fed up with these other "two docs" that have been trying to help me. I am in terrible pain. I am attaching my test results for the last 10 months, tell me what you think. I've included my own notes as well from research I've done on the internet. I've been diagnosed with OA/DDD/and bilateral sacroilitis.... (1 replies)
... Rays, CT's, nerve tests, and failed PT report that there was nothing wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
Mar 23, 2005
... BMP is Bone Morphogenic Protein, and the newest is called BMP2. The simple version as my doc explains it is that it is like using the best super glue and mixing it with ground/crushed bone (he prefers from your own body and so do I). The BMP mix is much stronger than just your bone, especially if you have osteoporsis. Think of it like you have seen in home construction. ... (5 replies)
... S1. I am happy to report it went well and I am very glad I did it. The future is uncertain for my neck though. ... (17 replies)
... me. The PM doc who did the test said they def need work. On the xray, you can't see any dye in the two bad discs. I guess I could always pick up a copy of the report myself. Atleast I would know something before I go in thursday. ... (10 replies)
... to do a MRI of my brain. The neck xray also showed I have an enlarged sella. They were worried about a tumor. Boy that was enuff to almost put me over the edge! ... (1 replies)
... and get a copy of the MRI report from the XRay technician. It will have their interpretation. Good luck. ... (17 replies)
Steriod Injections
Jul 31, 2004
... Cortisone and steriods are in fact the same medication. You should never for any reason have more than 3 injections in a one year period. If your doctor is giving you more than three you are putting yourself at serious risk. The Burton report was posted in this forum and in the pain management forum, if you search this site you will find it as well as additional information... (22 replies)

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