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... I have been on Soma, Flexeril, Zanaflex, and Skelatin. I think Soma works the best. My doctor thinks it is addicting, so I get Flexeril. After awhile it does nothing. Zanaflex was short term and Skelatin does nothing for me. ... (3 replies)
... I was on soma for a few months. they work well as a muscle relaxer but at night they put me to sleep for a couple hours and then I would wake up and have problems sleeping. ... (15 replies)
... I was on soma for a few months. they work well as a muscle relaxer but at night they put me to sleep for a couple hours and then I would wake up and have problems sleeping. ... (15 replies)

Jan 5, 2007
... hrs of sleep and not be able to fall back asleep. personally, soma is what i like the most, i dont feel messed up, or tired or anything, i'm able to take it during the day and still take care of my kids. ... (11 replies)
Mar 11, 2013
... c it did help with the chronic pain somehow so i may start it again. My plan is to take the zanaflex gradually increasing dose so i can stop the soma or use it only as needed to relieve severe acute muscle spasms. ... (21 replies)
... me and my coming to him confirmed my concern. He said it is a norm of passing and again suggested I keep my regimin as it is. So I will be. I have changed my Soma to Zanaflex and was told to taper off the Soma prior to starting the Zanaflex and not to take both at same time. So, here I am. ... (5 replies)
Finding a balance?
May 24, 2009
... should i be scared im on they increased my tizzindine and soma. im getting paranoid about my liver function as im on aleve to my phamacay is aware of all this. im also on lidocane patches. my nerve pain is easing thank heavens but my mucle spasms dont let me sllep more than 3 hours top :) im also on the following pills depakote 1500 mg once a day at night abilfy... (11 replies)
... dication but like MM said it would be hard to explain if you did have a bad reaction. I noticed that it can lower blood pressure and I had a terrible reaction to Zanaflex for muscle relaxer that lowered my blood pressure to a very dangerous low level. I am on Soma 350 mg 4 times a day and have been on for several years. ... (31 replies)
Dec 16, 2012
... muscle relaxer. Does nothing as far as when i feel a spasm. Tinazidine is out for me. Soma is very old, too... but it works. ... (21 replies)
May 19, 2013
... gmak, Sorry to be so late. My short trial with baclofen was not too hot. It dodn't do much for my back but messed with my SWALLOWING...weird right? Even water would seem to lodge midway and not quite enter my stomach. Last straw was a small piece of beef that got stuck, almost closing my trachea and scaring the bejesus out of me. I was one step from calling for Heimlich... (21 replies)
... My doctor gave me Zanaflex as a muscle relaxant. It is amazingly good but you have to want to be resting a lot. It works so well that it makes me a couch potato. ... (20 replies)
... is a listed side effect of zanaflex and soma. ... (14 replies)
... I do get muscle relaxant tolerance. I no longer use Flexeril and Zanaflex made me a bit dizzy. I'm on Soma now and though I've tried others Soma at least gives me some help. But I hear people who say they take one Flexeril and sleep all day, that's not me. Rarely are they sedating. ... (7 replies)
Feb 12, 2007
... I am so glad you are feeling better. You have had a time at it. I have had Soma in the past and it does have the drunk affect on me. It works but my mind was always cloudy. My Dr. ... (11 replies)
... I'm 3 weeks post op a lumbar laminectomy, and my leg and buttocks pain is the same as before. I'm taking vicodin and soma. I couldn't take the zanaflex that was prescribed when I left the hospital because I had hallucinations and extreme dry mouth. So I called last week and was prescribed the soma instead. ... (13 replies)
... pain! A hint ag is about med concern by Mine, mine has same concern, esp if im impaired, which is RARE! Tried zanaflex after dr stopped soma, i was out of it! But, i said " Hey, i live here! Where do you think i would be if i have to take med for pain? ... (9 replies)
Alif and digestion
Jul 10, 2011
... I had some nausea with Skelaxin. Zanaflex made me very dizzy. The muscle relaxers that work best for me have been Soma and Flexeril. ... (12 replies)
... My back is doing reasonably well. I have residual back ache but not as much nerve pain. My neck and knees are causing most of the pain. My PM doc at AZ Ctr for pain relief has created a good regimen. Of medications. Luckily I've never shown any addictive tendencies. Zanaflex doesn't work for me, givesme ringing in the ears and a bit of dizziness so I stick with Soma (5 replies)
... I take the MS Contin 3x a day, Gabapentin 3x a day, Norco up to 3x a day (as needed) and Soma up to 3x a day (as needed). I have a stronger muscle relaxer my Pain Management physician gave me that is called zanaflex. It's so strong I only take it at night as it makes me a bit dizzy. Gabapentin doesn't make me tired or fatigued at all. And yes Pain Management is a unique... (14 replies)
... this. I was doing 2400mg Ibuprofen but that was ineffective and the opiate based stuff id sleep for days because etodulac did not work either have done vicadin soma zanaflex some others to all with undesireable side effects and no effect on the pain it was taken for. ... (2 replies)

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