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I pierced my navel myself, twice, when I was about 14. (mom wouldn't hardly let my pierce my ears!) I wouldn't recommend this--it was stupid and it hurt like hell. The first time it got infected and hurt so bad I took it out right away. The second time I kept it in, but it worked it's way out of my skin after a few months.

I got it professionally pierced when I was 18 or so. This really hurt like hell, but I think partly because of all the scar tissue from my previous piercings. It was infected for months, and eventually worked its way out of my skin. It hurt the entire time I had it.

I think a lot of it has to do with how your body reacts to it. My little sister got hers pierced the same time as me, and has had few problems with hers (she still has it, 3 years later). I know my body does not handle things like this very well. Sometimes my ears still get infected, and I have had them pierced for 8 years. I have to wear real gold earings, maybe if I had a gold belly ring it would have been better.

Another thing is, mine would start closing virtually within minutes of taking the ring out. The piercings in my cartilage on my ear are the same way. But the ones on my ear lobes stay open for years without waering earrings. My sister can take her belly button ring out for weeks and hers won't close. So my point is, everybody's body reacts a little different. Think about how you react to other things and this can give you clues.

As a final comment, I don't think navel piercings are too crazy, but I guess that depends on you as a person. My crazy thing I just did was get a tattoo across my back. I handled that better than the piercing! And I will always like it, because the design has meaning to me. But it's much easier to remove a piercing than to remove a tattoo! So just be very sure you want to do it. If you're not sure you'll like it, go get a crazy outfit instead....

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