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I gave up wearing foundation a few years back because of that. Also I live in a very hot climate so in the summertime foundation melts off the face (Georgia).

Today I use a concealer and a bit of powder, that's it (and blush and eyes, too).

When I have worn foundation, I would apply it extremely lightly with a dampened sponge, avoiding my nose (which is flakey) and giving only a very light coverage. Also blending the foundation with a bit of moisturizer in your hand before using the wedge sponge works well.

But in my opinion the best foundation is one with little coverage, so it doesn't cling to the flakes. Neutrogena has a nice tinted moisturizer/sunscreen that I've used before. Lately though, I've started to use a skin lightener, trying to go for a smoother look. It has only been 2 weeks so I can't really tell yet. If after a few months I don't see a difference, I'm going to attempt a prescription strength lightener.

Chances are you can do just fine without foundation. Personally, I rather see a bit of so-called flawed skin than a face full of heavy makeup.

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