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[QUOTE=Bad.Monkey]I am looking for advice on a skin care routine. I'm in my mid-20's. I have a very oily face, and am prone to acne, both normal zits, and big cyst-like zits (those are due to my birth control shots). The ideal routine would be:
[*]Quick - under 5 minutes
[*]Simple - not a lot of different products
[*]Inexpensive - I'm poor, so it needs to be available at a drugstore
[*]No Tea Tree Oil - I'm allergic to tea tree oil, it gives me a nasty red rash...

I'm open to any suggestions you may have. I'm completely clueless when it comes to this sort of stuff.[/QUOTE]

First of all,if your gonna use a moisturizor for the day,make sure its something really light..alot of them claim to be "non-greasy" but in reality,their the greasiest of them all.I like covergirl tinted moisturizor,thats usually all that I wear unless my skins going through a break out.For the soap...I have oily skin but its alot better now since I started using dove.I always firgured that if I used a harsh soap like neutrogena then it would "clean" my face really really good and that the oil wouldnt come back but it comes back alright,with a vengance.Those harsh soaps throw off the precious Ph balance of your skin and just complicate things so go for a Ph balanced soap and youll see results,you just need to use it for a while.Try and stay away from astringints,theyre even worse than harsh sopas.I used clearisil astringent for about four days and my skin was so dry,I looked like a snake that was shedding a layer of skin,I also broke out really bad and since there was no oil there,the breakouts were just like dry zits..boy did that ever hurt.

Hope this helped.

Oh yeah,also try and use a clay mask on your whole face once a week and then every other night just use it on your trouble spots (forehead,nose,chin)

Hope I helped ya out


i have extremely oily skin with bad acne. Recently i started using St Ives apricot srub for oily acne prone skin and it has been amazing!! I have almost no zits(i can count how many i have unlike b4 lol) i also love clean and clear oil controlling moisterizer. i use that after i wash my face and now its smooth and clear! I love it!!!

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