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ALRIGHT.... so here's the deal... I did explain to her about brassiness, etc and how my hair works with it b/c I've dyed my hair alot in the past. Also, I had pictures showing what was too blonde for me and what wasn't blonde enough. I also had a picture of myself in the past with my hair highlighted exactly the way I wanted her to do it. I covered all my bases. And she STILL screwed it up. To beat all I had to explain to her how to correct the brassy, yellowish, waaaay too golden highlights (about that... I had about a half an inch of roots that she didn't color AND she might as well have just dyed my hair one color instead of foiling it b/c you could barely see highlights).

I would go back there to have someone fix it BUT the girl I went to was the only one that I would trust at the salon. Two women there obvisouly dye their hair blonde... One is bleached to hell and frizzy... the other is basically different shades of orange. Another lady (the manager on top of it) made a comment while I was getting the foils put in that, "well doesn't she put them (the foils) all in a nice row! I'd just slap them on there! Who cares if it saves time?"
WTF?! That's the LAST thing you'd want to say in your salon! So yea, I'm not going back there b/c they would make it worse. I' d be better with doing it myself.

I think I'm going to go to a reliable salon (expensive.. but reliable) and have them dye my hair back to it's natural color (don't worry, my hair is really really healthy. I take good care of it). Then in a week or so a friend of mine in cosmetology school now will put in the highlights I want. I don't know why I didn't go to her in the first place b/c I've seen how great she is at dying and cutting hair.

I'm so mad at myself!! Never trust a bad salon! Just spend the money to get it the way you like! Otherwise you'll end up spending more money after trying to fix what you hate! And then just wreck your hair. :mad:

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