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[QUOTE=xxFreakOfNaturexx]my skin is so pale people have said i look "almost albino." so, frustratingly, every time i go to the store and buy the *lightest* foundation i can find, it is WAY too dark and orangey/fake-looking.

i have oily AND flaky skin, if that makes any sense...i have tried the all-natural/organic cleansers and such but they do not make much of a difference (most of them don't help w/acne either :()

the flakes are always on my nose, no matter how hard/often i scrub and how much (and with what) i moisturize. i have never tanned, and never plan on doing so. i stay away from sunlight...

also, when i put make-up on top of moisturizer, the moisturizer tends to flake off...maybe it's just cheap moisturizer, or maybe it's just me...

i don't know if there is a problem with my skin or i'm not moisturizing enough (haven't moisturized in awhile) or what, but no matter how much i blend my foundation, it makes little stripes on my face...again, maybe it's just crappy make-up though...

SO, as you all can imagine, when i try to put make-up on in the morning i end up with skin flakes, lines, and orange skin. :eek: disgusting huh?

can anyone recommend a good moisturizer (no d.i.y. please) for me that will not clog pores or make my skin "shiny?" preferrably something you can buy at a store like target or walmart...

i need a good scrub as well...i would prefer cleansing cloths over the kind that comes in a tube...but either one is fine.

and also, a good foundation for super-pasty people that will stay put all day?

thanks for helping the make-up disaster victim ;)[/QUOTE]

Sounds like you got lots of good makeup and product advice already. I'll throw in my two cents, and let you know what works for me.

-for your nose flakiness, try an antifungal cream, and wash that area 2x a wk with anti-dandruff shampoo (Head and Shoulders is good), or a purifying shampoo with tea tree oil (Rusk makes a good one). The shampoos can be harsh, so go easy, but it will probably clear up your flakes. I had flakes on and around my nose from the age of 12 til I turned 30 and finally got some good advice from a top dermatologist. It worked almost immediately. Purifying and anti-dandruff shampoos with help unclog oil from pores, and will clear up the resulting flakes.

-gently scrub your face daily. use whatever you prefer.. I love scrubs in tubes, but whatever works for you is great. even a warm, wet facecloth works well. Follow with a light moisturizer (penetrates better than a cream, and doesn't leave you oily).

-Olay sensitive moisturizer is nice. I follow it with a little Almay oil-free foundation. I dab it over only the areas I need coverage (nose-chin-upper lip-under eyes), then blend it in with moistened fingertips, to get it to blend a little better into my drier, flakier areas. I then gently blot (not rub) my face with a lint-free tissue (love Scotties) to get a nice, soft, finished look. Dust your oily areas with pure cornstarch (from the grocery store) if you wish, to keep oil at bay.

-a toner with salicyclic acid keeps my skin smooth, and whisks away little flakes. I love Clean and Clear, the light blue one (can't remember what type it is). I use it once a day after I cleanse with Olay sensitive skin cleanser (at night). Salicyclic acid not only helps calm sensitive skin, it also helps fight little wrinkles. Don't use it too close to your eyes though.

-Ponds Age defying treatment in the jar works absolute wonders. Use it once and you will wake up the next morning glowing, I swear. I have tried so many things, including the Perricone products and other fancy, expensive treatments. I keep going back to good old Ponds for my night cream. I use regular strength, which I feel works much better than the sensitive skin version. But starting with the sensitive version may be a good idea. I use it right after my toner.

-i am freakishly pale too! I use a light self tanner 1- 2x a wk and it has made a world of difference. I've tried many and I love Neutrogena tanning foam. Try starting with the lightest color available. Just remember to moisturize first, and it helps if you scrub first too.

- EDIT--- forgot to say... you don't have to worry about putting tanner on your whole body! Moisturize entire face, front and back of neck, upper chest. Lightly apply tanner to all these areas (don't worry about ears) . Blot it all with a tissue and wash your hands well! It will all blend with your skin tone and look perfectly natural. Just be sure to use a light foam tanner.. they seem to be the most subtle of all.

Hope this helps! You are not alone!

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