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I have to agree with Kellie2.......a womans hair style and length depends not so much on her age, but on her facial features, bodily characteristics, general overall appearance. You can't select a cut off point (eg: 20 yrs of age) at which all females will look better with short hair.

You say that you would like to grow yours just a bit longer so you can put it up into a ponytail. How is a ponytail considered ok for an older woman, but not straight long hair like Demi and Jane's? I think it should be whatever you are comfortable with, what suits your overall appearance and is easy to manage in your day to day activities.

I have always had a problem looking my age and i've tried short hair and long hair. No matter how i dress or what i do, people tend to think i'm a good 12 or so years younger. I wanted to let my hair grow and it's now virtually down to my waist and that's the length i'm keeping it for now. Sometimes i joke that i'll cut it off and friends and family wont let me and i get a lot of compliments at work from total strangers about my hair. So i'd say it's the right look for me, regardless of me being 37.

robste, if your hair is thick and you like your wispy fringe, you can still grown your hair to shoulder length, layer it and keep the wispy fringe. Even with it being layered you can put it up in a ponytail and style it in lots of other ways. A new colour is a good way of giving yourself a change without actually cutting your hair too. Who knows, once it's shoulder length, you may be tempted to grow it just that little bit longer ;)

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