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[QUOTE=boricuaitalia20]I have long stick straight's been dyed many times.
I really want a perm. I want a spiral perm with little curls but long ones that don't make my hair look really short. I'm really scared to get it done. I'm afraid parts of my hair won't take to the perm and I'll look really stupid.
Has anyone ever gotten a really good spiral perm and what did you ask for in particular[QUOTE]

[I][FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=3][COLOR=Magenta]I just recently got a spiral perm and they did testing before hand because I had color treated hair which also causes it to be dry.they did a sink and swim test with your hair in a bowl of water.If it sinks you dint get the perm if it swims they will do it.But mine didnt turn out.Me nad my daughter wnet back a week later and had our redone.Hers didnt turn out becasue she has long thick hair and the stylist that did hers didnt know how to piggy back the she had hers redone also.When I had mine redone it was better but not as well as Iwould have liked it.And it has already fell out most of the way and it has only been a couple months.I hope you have more luck if you have yours done.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/I]

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