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[QUOTE=debz]Hi, yes I
am starting to get skin tags and they are nasty. I hope you get alot of responses cause I could surely use one.[/QUOTE]

I have had skin tags since I can remember. At first I went to the Doctor to have them removed, but that became too expensive. Searching the internet, I found a much easier solution. Tie a peice of string or dental floss around the base of the skin tag as tight as you can. Within a few hours the skin tag will turn red from the lack of blood flow that the string is restricting, it will also shrink in size during this time. After a few hours, remove the string and the skin tag will fall of within a day or two.

I have used this method on over a dozen skin tags and it has worked every time, a much easier solution.

There is another method for removing skin tags. If incolves cutting them off yourself. I found that method to be more painful and bloody, but it is another option.

Good Luck,

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