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I just recently dyed my hair a deep medium brown (my natural hair is black) about 8 days ago and my hair came out brown but in the sun or in any light it gleams in carmel. I hate carmel or anything red in my hair and I am let down. Although the color doesn't look real bad, it has some good qualities. I want to know what I can do to run out the red tones in my hair by shamooing?? Or by dying over it? Or if you have any other ideas then let me know.

I used a Feria Hair color called Espresso. It looked great on the box and it said it was for black or dark brown hair, which I had. Does anybody know if leaving the dye on the hair any extra couple of minutes too long would make the hair reddish?

please help :angel:

Hair has many colours in it. Black has all colours in it..and when it's lightened even to expresso brown, the peroxide takes out some colour and then deposits new colour into the hair. Red or gold is a natural tone in brown (even black). The more you wash it, the more the colour will come out and leave the colour it was before colour was deposited. Therefore meaning there will be shades of red in the hair because of the natural pigment that has been removed/lightened.

I would suggest you use a semi-permanent colour, one that doesn't use a 20 volume peroxide. I understand that "Color Spa" is a semi-permanent colour. I can't remember who makes Color Spa, I think it's L'Oreal.

Use a dark ASH brown.
The Ash (be it a green base, blue base or blue/violet base) should counter both the problems you're experiencing.

Hope this helps.


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