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Hello again!

First of all, I've not tried the Olay Regenerist line so I can't really comment on that. I do know that my Aunt who is now in her 80's has used the Olay products all of her life, and in all honestly she's been plaqued with wrinkles that whole time. Of course at 80, I think she's earned every one of them LOL! She used olay religiously and no other product. I realize that with today's advances in skin care technology that perhaps the Regenerist line will be something to contend with, but unfortunately I have no experience in it. Sorry!

As to how long it took for the Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle cream to show results, I would have to say conservatively about 2-3 months. But remember 2 very important things in my particular case: 1. I only used it at night (in retrospect I should have used it twice a day but I wear glasses and can't stand for any lotion to be around my eyes when I really need to see; however, I can commend the product because it really is not greasy and absorbs quickly. In fact, at this moment, I think perhaps I'm talking myself into trying it in the mornings also just to see if it will work with my eyeglasses. Ha! #2, please remember that I had very, very deep wrinkles; as I mentioned in my previous post, not only did I foolishly bake in the sun during my stupidity of youth (!), I literally fried my skin! Looking back I believe I can honestly say I did see a "reduction" in the appearance of my wrinkles after about a month of use; within the 2-3 months , the effect became much more dramatic.

As far as breaking out my skin, I did have a problem with acne when I was younger (age 20's), but have not had a problem with it since and the neutrogena has not caused any additional problems. One thing I must add here is that I have very dry skin, so I must use an additional moisturizer after I've put the neutrogena on. I imagine not all people will need to do that, but that's what works in my case.

To summarize, I would think if you used the neutrogena twice a day you would probably see improvements more quickly than I did, and if your skin is on the dry side, I would highly recommend an additional moisturizer. If your skin tends to be oily or combination, you may only need the neutrogena. Please understand that everyone responds differently to the many different products. But for someone who is a sun-damaged "ole goat" (LOL) to see benefits from a drugstore product after honestly trying absurdly priced products is a true blessing, at least to me. But remember too that what works for one does not nessecarily work for another. And if you're young, please, please, please stay out of the sun!! Good luck and best wishes, Linda :wave:

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