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Yes bangs are in - but are a personal thing, and you MUST make sure you have the right face for them or you'll regret it. I have a small, oval face and have always longed for bangs. Last summer I tried the look you're thinking about (side-swept bangs with definition). My hairdresser suggested that I not do it, but I was certain I wanted a new look. Although the cut was great, it did nothing for me. I really need to have "forehead" to lengthen my small face (should have listened to the hairdresser!)

So my advice is go to a reputable hairdresser and ask his/her advice. Then ask another one just to be sure! It took me 6 months to get enough length to have good hair days again. So be warned!! :)
[QUOTE=Abbey32]Thanks ladies. Soemthing to think about. I think it might make my nose look bigger having bangs...or even my face fatter..I don't know. Ugh.[/QUOTE]

I think a lot depends on the shape of your face...I have an oval face,but small features (except for my nose,lol). I have a small forehead, for me, I look sort of funny without bangs. My hair is chin length, and I have kind of wispy looks really good.

You could always have your bangs cut on the long side...they grow out so quickly what you think will look best.

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