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[QUOTE=regime]oh and my hair is very short and fine, its dark though but is finishing touch ok to use on short hair???? will it work?[/QUOTE]


Hi regime... my daughter has very dark brown hair (on her head) almost black.

She has very hairy legs (when she doesn't shave)
and her arms show dark hair but not alot (thank god!!!)

He eyebrows and upper lip are dark. Before she started waxing, she had a bushy uni-brow... now she has a beautiful arch and thinned out.

Her upper lip after waxing is ultra-smooth... with no breakouts and the redness is very slight and lasts maybe 20 minutes TOPS!!!

In between waxing she uses the 'finishing touch' on her upper lip and in takes the hair away... pretty darn close to waxing... it's not noticeable at all.

When her upper lip hair starts to come back it is fine and soft... never a stubble... Never!!!
With 'finishing touch' you work it DOWN on your hair the way the hair grows... not up and against how it grows.

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