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[QUOTE=annie7]I used to use expensive cleansers and moisturizers, now all i use is extra virgin olive oil. I use it everywhere; feet, elbows sometimes my hands. I love it. I'm 52 and people tell my how beautiful my complexion is.[/QUOTE]

Can you use it on your face? Do you just rub it in? Doesn't it end up feeling......... well..... oily? It is olive [I]oil[/I] , after all.

Would you recommed it for all types of skin, or just dry? I used to have very bad acne, and now I would say it's combination. I just don't want to start breaking out.

IM :)
yeah it does dry me out afterwards if I use a cleanser, I haven't really figured out what to do yet, because I can't find the right moisturizer yet either (but I'm using one that I hope is okay, meaning I hope it doesn't clog pores, but I'm not crazy about it). But I'm trying to get rid of blackheads so I don't think I can leave the olive oil on my skin. I have the weirdest facial skin right now, it's very dry after I wash it (even though I use a gentle sensitive skin cleanser), but sometimes it's VERY oily in my T-zone and cheeks, especially after waking up in the morning, so I don't know what's wrong. I think if your skin is as dry ALL OVER, as you described, then the reason is probably something wrong on the INSIDE of your body, not the outside, it has to do with bad diet or low fluid intake. Which is exactly what's probably causing my blackheads and any dryness on my face too, but the rest of my skin is very soft... I drink lots of water, but whatever problems I have are probably related to not eating enough fruits and vegetables, so I"m trying to change that... Also I think you're supposed to use a more refined olive oil on the skin, because extra virgin is the first pressing, which isn't as refined or "thin", but the extra virgin is definitely the kind you want to use when eating it (which helps the skin a lot too!), I just don't know if that's the best kind for the face, maybe just virgin olive oil is better, that's what DHC skin care uses, I think. :)

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