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[QUOTE=AliasJaneDoe]These days, everybody seems to want to fade away their freckles and lots of products will lighten them. But I want to keep mine. I have ultra dry and sensitive skin (and acne), so I'm using things have the side effect of fading freckles, plus I NEVER go out in the sun (and for the few minutes when I do - basically just going from one indoor place to another - I'm always coated with sunscreen). I burn a nice red that starts after about five minutes, and then of course I peel like mad. Therefore, I hide from daylight.

So all my way cute freckles are going away. And I personally love them. Is there a way I can get some back without doing sun damage to my skin? Like maybe a sun protection that will prevent burn but allow freckling?

Oh, and I'm curious about something. If you do get some sun, do your current freckles get darker, or do you mainly just get new ones?[/QUOTE]

Freckles get darker. They're sometimes a sign of sundamage. If you take a UV light and look at your skin you'll see the freckles that aren't dark enough yet. If you get sun, you'll get them. But you really shouldn't try for them because one day you could have this cute freckle and somewhere along the line it begins to change and you realize it's melanoma (cancer). If you love them so much, just take eyeliner and draw some in! Cover with some powder to make it look more natural. Besides, if you get natural freckles you may not like the pattern they go by, since you can't decide where freckles appear. I have them on my shoulders from the sun and it's kind of scary because some are large and you have to watch every spot on your body for changes. Things that grow and change colors are very very BAD. Keep using the sunscreen. People with skin that burns very easily are more prone to skin cancer. Try getting some exposure with sunscreen and see if any freckles appear.

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