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[QUOTE=silverandgold]You always see makeup geared towards "warm" or "cool" tones. I tend to go towards the "cool" colors, as the warm ones seem to wash me out --- though according to charts, I think maybe I am a "warm" tone? I have hazel eyes (mostly gold), highlited blonde hair (naturally dark blonde) and very pale fair skin. But more pinky tones look better on me - mauve lipsticks and navy eyeliner. I also wear "jewel" tone colored clothing, as earth tones make me look dead![/QUOTE]

I don't think that most people can use the "chart". And you can't go strictly by hair or eye color or skin - it's all three. Sometimes you just have to hold the color up to your face to see how it looks.

[QUOTE=silverandgold]Anyway -- just out of curiosity -- how many of you are warm/cool (or neutral) and what colors look best on you for makeup and clothing?[/QUOTE]

Technically, I "should" be a warm - but there are very few warm colors that I can wear well. I'm more of a cool/neutral - even though the foundation I use is a yellow base. I look best in blue-based pinks, blues, and blue-based purples. I also wear black well.

My dd is definitely a warm - one time she picked up a "cool" blue shirt to try on & I gave her a "warm" rose one, too. She didn't like the rose one at all - BUT - when she tried them on, the blue one "washed her out" and the rose one just made her glow. You can definitely tell which colors look best on you because they give you that "something extra" that you can't quite put your finger on, yet you know it's there. BTW - we bought the rose shirt. :)

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