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This morning while applying mascara, I realised that babying my lashes has finally payed off. My lashes right now are long thick and look great! It has been years since I could say that. Even this time last month I had huge gaps with no lashes and a lot of broken off one's. I used to come to this board and read everything I could find on eyelashes and things that might help... So any way this is what finally helped me keep the ones I had and help the rest to grow in. I already had several expensive curlers, a couple are heated. I picked out the best one, my shu uemura, and started using it exclusively as it gives the best curl, however, before, it was pulling my lashes out left and right. Here is what I did differently. I now curl my lashes just once before putting on mascara, never ever curl them after mascara, that was what the problem was. But now I also use only water proof mascara which I hated before because its so hard to get off. With w/p I only need to curl once, because it holds so much better. If this will work for me it will work for any one. I have the straightest lashes(like asian) I've ever seen. The final thing I've been doing is to make sure at night I get all the mascara off I use make up remover pads, they work pretty well. Before when I would not get it all off I would pull at my lashes and end up pulling some out. I didn't mean to write a book, I'm just so excited that something finally worked and I now have a full set of perfect eyelashes, and its a pleasure to do my eye make up, where as it used to be, how can I make 6 lashes look thick!

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