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I have color resistant white hair. I have tried many different "permanent" dyes, that covered my white hairs for all of a week, and then washed right out of the whites..

The product that I found that would last the longest on my whites is Herbal Essences. I have dark brown hair, and found that the reds or plums (I used Ruby Red and then tried Plush Plum) colored my whites very well.. The whites were still "tinged" with color after a month.

I found tho, that not all of the Herbal Essences dyes worked as well. The red/purples colored my whites and stayed.. I tried the brown family, to get back to my real haircolor, and the brown washed out after a week..

Hope this helps..
that's interesting that the reds stayed longer than the brown. I wonder if it is because there is henna in the red formula? Henna is pretty harsh but totally permanent and really can't be washed out (and if you keep coloring it, more henna pigment gets deposited so have to be careful to only do the new roots, but I guess that's true for all hair colors)

I just read this - if going grey in your 30's is a problem, get your thyroid function levels checked (a blood test), as hypothyroidism is something that can crop up in one's early to mid 30's for women and one of the side effects, besides unusual fatigue, is going grey prematurely

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