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For your skin: Ask your Dr.for a script for Differen Gel. It is for adult acne and works very well. Just put it on 1 time a day before bed. No smell, no mess. You can also gently exfoliate your face for free using a samll amount of sugar when your shower. Also, buy an alpha hydryoxy facial soap. Don't use deoderants soaps on your face. They are very irritating. I have used Sage Skin Care for my acne prone skin and it has done wonders. Pricey but worth every cent! Do a search for zero zits I think it is.

Your Back: Hard to tell from your it possible they are very small white heads at the surface? Try exfoliating there as well and see.

Hair ( down there) Many men shave completely and some partially. My guy does on occasion and I love the look and especially the feel, like velvet! Hair does have a tendency to grow back thicker so theres not much that can be done about that. For a thiner look, you could "carefully" use a pair of thining shears available at any hair supply store. All they are, are a pair of scissors when used only cuts SOME of the hair, not all.

P.S. It never seems "odd" to me when people ask a question that they don't have an answer to!

Good luck to you,

[QUOTE=IneedHelpplease]This may seem odd but i didnt know who to ask but would like help. There are 3 main things i would like to fix or work on. First i have slight acne just a couple spots at a time but it is constant especially if i havent shaved recently or in places that i cant shave/exfoliate like my forehead etc. I tried extra strength pads but they dont work. ideas? Second is i have these weird bumps and spots and bits on my back, i dont think theyre acne, theyre not moles some can brush off or be picked off and some are more secure and may hurt a little they tend to be skin color or similiar if you can see them at all (mainly feel them when rubbing my back). I try using a brush but it doesnt help. ideas? The last question and is more personal is that i am rather hairy below the waist and i would like a way to remove most if not all in some areas and then thin out my leg hair. while still looking natural and not causing it to grow back faster and thicker or worse every time and the less i have to do it the better. ideas? any help is greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

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