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[QUOTE=robste]Hi, I'm 44 years old, and have just been using my face moisturizer under my eyes. I know it's about time that I use an under eye wrinkle cream in that delicate under eye area. Everyone tells me that I look about 35 (must be in the parents never looked their ages), but I know that won't last forever!

For those of you over 40, can you recommend a great under eye cream (that really makes the wrinkles disappear or seem less) and face moisturizer too?

You need to be careful of creams. Some creams on the market moisturize the top layer of dead skin cells giving a smoother appearance. While others draw moisture from the skin beneathe to give that plumper less wrinkled look. In that case, it's damaging the new skin that hasn't made it to the surface as of yet, so when it does show itself, it's already damaged.

I am 42, and have no need for face creams as my skin is excessively oily and over moisturized, so I tend to try and dry it out with facial washes and that's it.

But if you are looking for good and reliable face creams, Clinique has some nice ones, as does Oil of Olay. The thing to remember is to find out "how" these things work.... IE: Moisturize the top.... or draw from the new skin below.

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